Top 5 Cheapest Cars with Lane Departure Warning System Technology


Some of the newest cars have lane departure warning system technology in them. This type of technology is designed to warn drivers when their car starts to move into the adjacent lane without their turn signal being on. That way, they can avoid having a common accident related to driver error, sleepiness, or simply being distracted. As great as this technology is, a lot of people seem to think that you need to purchase an expensive car to have a lane departure system in it. This is not true anymore.

Top 5 Cheapest Cars

Below are 5 of the cheapest cars which have lane departure warning system technology in them. They are priced very economically and they’re about what you would pay for any new economy class car.

  1. Buick Encore – At around $22,900, you can own the Buick Encore with lane departure warning system technology. It has a camera attached to the windshield which detects lane markings around the vehicle. You just have to push a button on your dashboard to activate the system and then it will illuminate a warning light when you move out of your lane.
  2. Honda Accord – A very reasonably priced vehicle at $22,455 which has this warning system in it. Once you move off course from your lane, you will hear a beeping sound to warn you.
  3. Volvo S80 – At about $43,000, you can activate the lane departure warning system just like you can in the Buick. Push a button on your dashboard and the car will detect when you’ve moved from the side of your lane markings. This may be a pricier car, but you get an affordable luxury option here with the most advanced safety features you could want.
  4. Honda Odyssey – Another affordable vehicle that has cameras to detect lane markings on the road around it. Drivers will receive a visual warning on their dashboard and an audible warning as well. The price of the vehicle is at about $29,850.
  5. Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid – Priced at $27,875, this vehicle will not only warn you if you’re moving out of your lane, but it will also give you the benefit of a hybrid vehicle. You can get 46 miles per gallon on the interstate and have other safety features like blind zone alert and rear cross traffic alert as well.

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The lane departure warning system comes in three types. The first type will simply warn the driver that their car is moving out of their current lane. The warning indicator could be in the form of a vibration, sound, or visual aid. The second type of system is one that warns the driver and then gives them a small amount of time to react. Then, if no action is taken by the driver, the vehicle will automatically adjust itself back into the lane they were in. The last type of lane departure warning system will cause the vehicle to get back into its lane as soon as it swerves a little bit off course.


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