Bad and Dirty Air Filter Symptoms


The air filter of a car may be a small and inexpensive part but that small and inexpensive part is essential to the fuel economy and performance of a car. A clean air filter is counted among the basic needs of a car for it to function properly. There are numerous advantages and benefits that a clean air filter can provide to a car which include the improved gas mileage, lower emissions, improved acceleration and overall enhanced performance of engine.

It is fairly easy to replace the air filter of your vehicle. However, before proceeding with the replacement of the car’s air filter, you first need to know and figure out if the air filter of your vehicle really is showing the symptoms of being bad and dirty and really needs to be replaced.

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Bad and Dirty Air Filter Symptoms

The more of the most common and the most troubling symptoms of a dirty air filter have been provided here. If any of these symptoms makes an appearance in your vehicle, you will have an idea of what going on with your vehicle.

Strange Engine Noises

One of symptoms of a bad or dirty air filter is that the engine of your vehicle will start to produce different noises when it is idling and the vehicle is not in motion. In case of hearing the noises like coughing or spitting noises when stopping for a traffic signal, you will have an idea that the engine of your vehicle is not being provided with enough airflow which means that the air filter of your vehicle needs to be replaced.

Decreased Performance

If the improper acceleration of your vehicle has caught your eye, then it could mean that the air filter of your vehicle has gotten all dirty and is not allowing enough air into the engine for it accelerate properly. The decrease in the engine power of the vehicle is also associated with this problem. The engine requires clean air for the combustion process to take place and the presence of a dirty air filter will hinder the intake of that clean air. This will not only decrease the power of your engine, it will also induce a jerking acceleration in your vehicle.

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Decreased Gas Mileage

Keeping a track of the average gas mileage of your vehicle will not only provide you with a good idea of a gas expenses, it will also help you to detect any decreases in the gas mileage which is another sign of a bad or dirty air filter. A dirty air filter will cause problems in smooth combustion process which will require more fuel in order for the combustion to be successful. You can save on considerable fuel expenses if you can keep track of the gas mileage.

Spark Plug Problems

The spark plug of a car’s engine may get polluted and clogged up due to a dirty air filter impeding the air supply for the air-fuel mixture. This can induce rough idling, problems in starting the vehicle and miss firing.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems, then it may be high time for you to change the filters of your vehicle. Take it to a reliable mechanic and have it replaced.


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