Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms and Replacement Cost


The fuel pump is a vital part of any vehicle. It has the responsibility of pumping the fuel from a vehicle’s tank to the engine. Thus, the malfunctioning of the fuel pump can give rise to a disaster on road. A bad fuel pump can cover a certain distance before the vehicle totally ceases to move. The car owners must be aware of the bad fuel pump symptoms so that they can execute preventive steps before an unwanted situation arises.

What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump?

A screeching noise

This is one of the first signs that indicates that there is a problem with the fuel pump. During the normal operation, the fuel pump of a car produces a quiet hum sound. But when it becomes malfunctioned, an excessive loud whining noise is heard and it is definitely the sign that there is an issue.

Engine hard starting

A hard starting is another early sign that is related to the questionable fuel pump. With the constant functioning with the turned on ignition, and the style of operation, the fuel pumps can wear out. When the fuel pump weakens, there is lack of pressure, and it can be challenging to start the vehicle, causing multiple efforts.

Engine performance issues

Decrease in the engine power, acceleration and the fuel efficiency are some of the other factors that clearly indicates that there is an issue with the fuel pump and it must be taken care of. Basically, there will be problems with the entire performance of th engine.

The vehicle will fail to start

When your vehicle fails to start completely, it is a serious issue with the fuel pump. It is a clear indication that the fuel pump of the car has totally been impaired. The engine might crank when the key is turned on, but the car will be in totally no start condition. Instead of doing any self diagnosis, it is essential to seek an expert’s advice.

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The average fuel pump replacement cost

It is very easy to detect a defective fuel pump. Whenever you find that the fuel pump of your vehicle has gone faulty, you must consider it for a replacement, or else you might find yourself stranding on the middle of a road. The average fuel pump replacement cost are between $400 – $600 depends on the model, make and the year of you vehicle. The entire replacement process won’t be more than a few hours. In fact, the labor required for the replacement is also included in the total cost.



    • check when vehicle run, how much is maximum speed
      if fuel pump weak, sometimes a vehicle speed cannot reach even 30km/h then engine stall…


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