Top 5 Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Last Updated on January 16, 2019

Modern day vehicles have very complex designs than the cars of the 20th century, incorporating more computer electronics, silicon chips, sophisticated engines, and innovative bodywork. However, the same basic car care still applies to all kinds of vehicles, and can extend the life and resilience of your vehicle. Car maintenance is one of the precautionary measures you can take to keep your car running smooth and still new on the road. If you spend a lot of time driving your car around without any basic maintenance, your car will develop irreversible problems in its entire system that can intimidate you.

The following basic car maintenance tips have the potential to keep your vehicle working optimally even without visiting the garage or calling your mechanic regularly.

  • Never Skip Scheduled Service

Skipping your car’s scheduled service can be detrimental to its wellbeing. You need to check the owner’s guide to know the exact periods for scheduled maintenance services. Generally, the maintenance ensures that mechanics check and replace different worn out parts to keep the vehicle efficient and safe. Even though it might seem costly, scheduled car servicing guarantees genuine parts and expertise on your vehicle and updates its service history. Consequently, when you eventually decide to sell the car, it will entice many potential buyers at higher prices.

  • Check Oil Levels

Checking the oil levels of your car is very simple as helps to determine if the engine requires an oil change. Your car’s engine may start malfunctioning with too low or too high oil levels. You need to park your car on level ground to check the ideal oil levels successfully. After the car has cooled down, pull out and wipe the dipstick clean. Insert it back completely in the dip tube for a few seconds then pull it out to check the oil levels on it. The oil level is fine only if it falls between the low (L) and high (H) marks.

  • Regularly Replace the Air Filter

Clogged air filters can cause harm to your engine and car performance. Regularly checking and changing your air filters improves the acceleration of your car and economizes the fuel under ordinary replacement conditions. It also maintains the performance of the transmission.

  • Check the Pressure of your Tires

Using a tire gauge is the best way to check the pressure of your tires instead of just looking at or pressing on your car tires manually. You should also have a spare tire in the boot in case of an unanticipated puncture. Such regular checks helps in improving the efficiency of fuel, reducing the wear and tear of tires and ensuring the correct tire alignment.

  • Regularly Wash the Car

Having a strict schedule to wash your car maintains its unique appearance and ensures that its finishing maintains its shine. Never allow your car to stay dirty for a long time with layers of mud, chemicals, bird droppings, and dead bugs, because they easily eliminate the paint and wax gradually. Furthermore, only use certified cleaning products instead of household soaps and detergents even if you like doing the washing yourself. Soaps and detergents can undo the protective wax.

Generally, you should ensure every part of the vehicle is regularly maintained including the tires, engine, fuel, paint, electricals, light and the axle. Basic car maintenance is very simple. However, if you don’t have the time or skills about some procedures, dial your mechanic right away.

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  1. Oil affects a lot of car parts. With regular oil changes, I’ve managed to avoid major breakdowns, which seemed to happen more frequently when I simply didn’t pay any attention.


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