5 Best Oil Filters for Synthetic Motor Oil

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Using a high-quality oil filter designed for synthetic motor oil is vital to get the most from your premium oil and its unique flow properties and longer oil change intervals.

We’ve tried just about every brand of oil filter over the years and have compiled this list of our favorite oil filters optimized for full synthetic oils. You’re already spending extra for the benefits of a premium oil so why not spend a few dollars more for a premium filter?

best oil filters for synthetic oil

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Top 5 Best Synthetic Oil Filters

Synthetic motor oil is recommended for car and truck owners because it’s made to better better withstand high engine temperatures, resist breakdown for a longer oil change interval, and flows better in cold temperatures which reduces engine wear.

Here are five of the best oil filters to use in vehicles running synthetic motor oil in them.

#1 – Purolator BOSS

Purolator Boss synthetic oil filterPurolator oil filters are one of the best selling oil filters for the past few years and for good reason. Their top-of-the-line filter is the BOSS line which is made specifically for use with synthetic oils.

With a 27 gram dirt removal capacity, the BOSS can hold almost 2x the amount (vs 15g) of contaminants than their already excellent PurolatorONE filters.

This means you can get up to 15,000 miles of driving in (under optimal conditions) before needing to change the filter. It’s a perfect match for a long lasting synthetic motor oil. 

#2 – Royal Purple Extended Life

Royal Purple synthetic oil filterSince 1986, Royal Purple has manufactured oils for many different kinds of vehicles. However, they only have one kind of oil filter which is called the Extended Life Oil Filter.

Made in the USA, this is a premium quality oil filter which is manufactured specially for removing particles and keeping fresh oil flowing through the engine.

With 15,000 miles of protection and a 99% filtration efficiency at 25 microns or larger, it stacks up well with the big boys.

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#3 – Mobil 1 Extended Performance

Mobil 1 synthetic oil filterMobil is one of the biggest oil companies in the United States. It only makes sense that they would have their own oil filter made for extended performance. At 25 microns, the efficiency of the filtration is 99.6%, making it one of the best protecting oil filters anywhere.

While other filters can hold around 14 grams of dirt and contaminants, the Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filter can hold 28 grams.

This means you’ll have double the lifespan with this oil filter in comparison to other filters. Like the PurolatorBOSS, it will be good for up to 15,000 miles.

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#4 – Fram Ultra Synthetic

Fram Ultra Synthetic oil filterKnown for their good low-cost oil and air filters, Fram developed a long lasting oil filter especially for synthetic oils. With a 99%+ direct removal efficiency at particles larger than 20 microns, this is one of the best filters for trapping small particles.

The manufacturer states this filter can last up to 20,000 miles (although that may be a bit too generous). Despite its low price, Fram Ultra Synthetic is arguably the best synthetic oil filter for the money

#5 – WIX XP

WIX XP synthetic oil filterWIX creates oil filters for a range of vehicles, including economy cars and small trucks. WIX XP spin-on lube filters contain a nitrile sealing gasket which is made to resist hotter temperatures.

It contains a metal tube, metal caps, a steel baseplate, and silicone back valve making it better built than many of the filters out there.

The efficiency for filtration is at least 99% at 35 microns when it comes to debris sizes. It doesn’t filter smaller particles as well as the options above but for the price, it’s a great value. Expect to get up to 10,000 miles on this filter.

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