5 Best Oil Filters for Synthetic Motor Oil


Oil is the blood of every automobile. It needs to have high-quality oil that is properly filtered in order to keep the engine healthy and functional. The oil is really a lubricant for the engine which passes through its moving components and keeps them running smoothly. Meanwhile, the oil gradually gets contaminated with debris and tiny metal particles. This contamination builds up in the oil as more time goes by. Eventually, the oil won’t be an effective lubricant anymore and could actually damage your engine instead of help clean it.

An oil filter will not filter your oil forever, but it will keep it filtered for an extended amount of time. Some car manufacturers will tell you to change your oil filter every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, while others will say to do so each time you get an oil change every 5,000 miles. Since some oil filters are better than others, the time when you should change it will vary depending on the type of filter you’re using in the present.

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The Top 5 Best Oil Filters

Synthetic motor oil is recommended for car owners because it has a reputation for cooling down the engine quickly. Below are the top 5 best oil filters to use for vehicles with synthetic motor oil in them.

  1. Royal Purple Extended Life – Since 1986, Royal Purple has manufactured oils for many different kinds of vehicles. However, they only have one kind of oil filter which is called the Extended Life Oil Filter. This is a premium quality oil filter which is manufactured specially for removing particles and keeping fresh oil flowing through the engine. It is said to have a longer life than other oil filters and it will keep your engine protected.
  2. AMSOIL Ea – AMSOIL has been a popular manufacturer of synthetic oils and oil filters since 1972. They are known for producing premium quality oil filters because of the material they use in them. A combination of metal, silicone, and wire is used for their filters. At 20 microns, the efficiency of the filtration is 98.7%. Some say the filter will last you between 15,000 miles and 25,000 miles, although you should change it at least once per year.
  3. Mobil 1 Extended Performance – Mobil is one of the biggest oil companies in the United States. It only makes sense that they would have their own oil filter made for extended performance. At 25 microns, the efficiency of the filtration is 99.6%. While other filters can hold around 14 grams of debris, the Mobile 1 Extended Performance oil filter can hold 28 grams. This means you’ll have double the lifespan with this oil filter in comparison to other filters. Therefore, you should expect it to last at least 15,000 miles.
  4. WIX Spin-On Lube Filter – WIX creates oil filters for a range of vehicles, including economy cars and small trucks. The WIX spin-on lube filter contains a nitrile sealing gasket which is made to resist hotter temperatures. It contains a metal tube, metal caps, a steel baseplate, and silicone back valve. The efficiency for filtration is at least 99% or higher when it comes to the majority of debris sizes.
  5. Baldwin Heavy Duty Lube Spin-On Filter – When it comes to heavy-duty filters, Baldwin is the top of the line. Their heavy duty lube spin-on filter has become popular for those who drive trucks with synthetic oil. The filter contains a metal bypass valve that is loaded with a spring so that oil can still enter the engine after the filter’s debris capacity has been reached. For big vehicles like trucks, it would be better to have dirty oil enter the engine than no oil at all. But as long as you regularly change your oil filter, you won’t have much of a problem with dirty oil in the engine anyway.

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