6 Best Spray-In and Roll-On Bedliner Kits (Cheap Truck Bed Protection)

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When you’re using your truck to haul things, people too often accept that the bed will get scratched and beat up. But the truth is, with just a little prep and a small investment, you can protect the bed of the truck you just bought and keep it looking like new.

One of the most economical and efficient solution is a spray-in and roll-on bed liner. But with so many options, which bed liners actually deliver? We took out the guesswork by reviewing some of the top names in the industry

best spray in bedliner

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Best Spray-In (and Roll-On) Bed Liner Reviews

The truth of the matter is that not all spray-in bed liners or roll-on bed liners are created equal. Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks, and what might be the perfect fit for someone might not meet someone else’s needs.

Take the time to read our reviews before digging into the buyer’s guide to find the perfect spray-in or roll-on bed liner for your truck!

#1 – U-Pol Raptor Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

best spray-on truck bedlinerThe U-Pol Raptor spray on truck bed liner is one of the top options that we reviewed. It’s perfect for novices or those that aren’t sure if they’ll be able to get an even coat across the entire truck bed.

It comes with a spray gun, a regulator, a pressure gauge, and of course, all the liquid liner that you’ll need! However, you will need an adapter to hook up the spray gun to an air compressor – but they’re relatively cheap at around three dollars.

Once you’ve finished spraying on the U-Pol Raptor bedliner, you don’t need to do anything else! It’s fast-drying, and there’s no need to wax after application. The final product is stain and abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and sound dampening for a fantastic finish.

Some consumers did complain about the spray gun provided. However, it’s really a matter of personal preference. That’s why U-Pol Raptor offers two different packages with different spray guns.

The spray gun provided in this kit is fully adjustable, while the one provided in their other package comes ready to go – but you lose some of the customization ability.


  • Easy to use and apply evenly – designed for novices
  • No need to wax after application/abrasion and stain resistant
  • Waterproof and flexible to help minimize noise and protect your truck
  • Comes with a customizable spray gun, regulator, and gauge


  • Attachment for air compressor not included

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#2 – Custom Coat Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

truck bed liner kitIf you’re looking for a little splash of style, then the Custom Coat Spray-In truck bed liner is a great choice. Of course, they have the iconic black coat, but they also offer lime green, purple, red, blue, and more!

The paint itself is very forgiving, making it perfect for novices trying to get a smooth, even coat throughout. It’s because it’s so beginner-friendly that many customers note that there is extensive prep work to get a professional level look.

While that’s true, it’s necessary no matter the spray bed liner you buy. You’ll need to tape off edges and equipment that you don’t want to paint, and this takes time.

If you don’t have a spray gun, Custom Coat offers all of their color and sizing options in a roll-on option too. Whether you’re looking to restore a damaged bed liner or you’re trying to protect the existing one, why not do it with a splash of style that Custom Coat offers?


  • 10 different color options and 5 sizing options available
  • Comes with both spray gun and roller options
  • Easy to apply and forgiving application makes it perfect for novices
  • Works great for both restoration and preservation projects


  • Many customers noted the extensive prep work required – but this is typical of spray-on bed liners

#3 – Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-On Bed Liner Kit

best roll on bedliner kitWhether you don’t have an air compressor or you simply want a thicker finish, roll-on bed liners are a great option to give your truck some extra protection.

They typically aren’t as expensive as spray-in options, and they don’t require all the extra equipment either! But you might think you need a spray-on bed liner to get an even or coat or make installation a little easier. Herculiner throws that theory right out the window.

Applying Herculiner couldn’t be easier. It’s a roll-on bed liner and comes with everything you need to get the job done. It’s great for beginners and is thicker than most other bed liners – including spray-ins!

It doesn’t chip, flake, or peel, which gives you a long-lasting bed liner for years to come! Heculiner offers two color options – black and gray. They also have two sizing options, one quart, and one gallon. Whether you’re looking for a touch-up or a brand-new application, Heculiner has you covered!

The best part of a roll-in Bedliner compared to a spray-in is the price. Herculiner is significantly cheaper than the spray-in options.

The biggest drawback to roll-in liners is that it takes longer to cure, and you typically need to apply multiple coats. While the Herculiner claims that each coat cures in four hours, customers often claim that it took them a bit longer.


  • Cheaper than spray-in liner options
  • Two-color and two sizing options
  • Extremely thick roll-on provides extra protection
  • Doesn’t chip, flake, or peel for long-lasting durability
  • Easy to use – great for beginners!


  • It takes a long time to cure between coats

#4 – Al’s Liner Spray-In Truck Bed Liner Kit

Al's Liner spray on bedliner kitIf you know what you’re doing and willing to put in a little extra work, Al’s Liner can save you a bit of cash. It’s a less expensive option than some of the other bed liners that we reviewed, but the tradeoff is that it’s not as easy for beginners.

You have to mix the chemicals yourself, and they start to dry quickly. While they dry quick enough to be a headache when applying, it takes up to 4-days for it to fully dry on your vehicle.

They have three different color options, black, gray, and tan. It’s a great option to prevent sun fading and prevent chips and scratches from everyday use.

It’s not perfect, but for the low price, it’s a phenomenal option!


  • Lower price than other spray-in bed liner options
  • Three color options
  • Great for added protection and prevents fading


  • Takes up to 4 days to fully dry
  • Not as easy to use as other spray-in bed liners

#5 – Linerxtreeme Spray-On Bedliner Kit

top rated truck bed liner kitWhile most other kits only sell you up to a gallon of bed liner at a time, Linerextreeme sells you more than enough to complete the job with a 3-gallon package.

While the overall price tag might be slightly higher, the price per gallon is among the lowest. The product itself is easy to use; simply mix the two components and add them to your hopper!

Moreover, the Linerextreem kit comes with a free spray gun saving you even more money. It’s a long-lasting, durable bed liner that gives you extra peace of mind and extra protection.

The only real drawbacks to LInerextreeme are that it only comes in 3-gallon containers, and some customers have complained that it’s challenging to get even layers. But if you know what you’re doing, you’ll need around 3-gallons, and you’ll be able to take the extra time required to get the layers even.


  • Large 3-gallon supply
  • Great price per gallon
  • Simple mix and spray-instructions
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Comes with a spray gun


  • Only one size option at 3-gallons
  • Getting even layers can be difficult

#6 – Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating

Rust-Oleum truck bed coating reviewAs the name implies, Rust-Oleum knows rust. These products are great at preventing it, and their roll-on bedliner is no different. You can either brush or roll it on, and it cures in only four hours.

It has thick layers for extra protection, and you can apply as many layers as you’d like for heavier duty applications.

The final product has a textured finish that perfectly contours to grooves and edges for a more natural fitment. This textured finish also gives your truck bed extra grip, so your haul doesn’t shift too much during transport.

For large truck beds, Rust-Oleum is more expensive than other bed liners, but you’re getting a top-notch product that is well worth the added cost. It only comes in quart containers, so make sure you buy enough before you get started!


  • Can brush or roll on
  • Applies extra thick for added protection
  • Textured finish provides extra grip and contours to grooves and edges
  • Great at preventing rust


  • More expensive option for a roll-on Bedliner
  • Only comes in one color and one size option

Spray-In / Spray-On / Roll-On Bedliner Buyer’s Guide

spray on bedliner reviews

If you’ve never lined your own truck bed before, you probably have a lot of questions. That’s why we took the time to break down everything you need to know to pick the perfect bed liner and get the job done right the first time.

Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know and get you on the road to success!

Spray-in vs. Roll-on

Whether you want a spray-in or a roll-on bedliner comes down to a few different factors. While a lot of it is personal preference, there are pros and cons to both options.

Spray-in bed liners are easier to install if you have the proper equipment. After the necessary prep work, you finish the application process in 15-minutes. It’s easy to get even layers, and you hardly ever have to worry about your mixture drying out before you’re finished.

Roll-on bed liners have the advantage that they are typically cheaper, and they usually provide thicker layers. Thicker layers mean more protection, but applying those layers is far more labor-intensive.

Other Types of Bedliners

While spray-in and roll-on bed liners are two of the more popular options out there, they aren’t your only choices. Other standard options include drop-in liners and DualLiner. Both options consist of a hard plastic material that sits on the bed of your truck.

While DualLiner’s seal off your truck bed completely, they are more expensive. However, drop-in liners can damage your truck bed over time and shouldn’t be permanent solutions.

Another option is carpet bed liners. These protect the bed of your truck; they aren’t waterproof, and if they get wet, it can easily lead to damage and warping.

You can also get a rubber truck liner, but they offer the same concerns as drop-in liners. Water and debris eventually work their way underneath them, and this leads to damage.

Finally, two more options that you have are temporary bed liners and disposable bed liners. Both are options that you attach and remove as needed, but you can reuse the temporary bed liners as required while the disposable bed liners are one-time use only.

DIY vs. Professional

professional spray in bedliner

The products that we reviewed here are for DIY applications, and while they don’t have the same quality finish as professional products, they come at a fraction of the cost.

While you won’t get the same level of protection as a Line-X or Rhino Bedliner, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a shabby product. DIY bed liners still look great and add extra protection to your truck.

Unless you’re hauling truly abrasive materials, you probably don’t need the additional perks that the professional bed liners brands provide.

How Much Material Do You Need?

Whether you’re looking for a roll-in bed liner or a spray-in, the amount of product that you need stays the same. We could bore you with the math, but you just need to know how much you need to buy, right?

That’s why we broke down how much bed liner you’ll need to do the job right. Just check out the chart below for your truck!

Keep in mind that this is for a single coat, and only for the bed liner – although many people use these paints for their entire vehicle since they last longer than Plasti Dip!

Bed SizeAmount Needed Per Coat
Compact Truck Bed (5-ft)3 Quarts
Short Truck Bed (5-ft 8-in)1 Gallon
Standard Truck Bed (6-ft 5-in)1 Gallon
Long Truck Bed (8-ft)1.5 Gallons

How to Apply

  1. Prep work is essential before you get started. Make sure to wash, sand, and dry before applying the new bed liner. Failure to do so will result in an uneven application.
  2. From there, make sure to tape off any areas that you don’t want to get painted, especially around windows and exterior paint.
  3. Wait to mix the paint until you’re ready to apply. As soon as the two parts get mixed, the curing process starts. The longer it takes you to get started, the less time you’ll have to apply the liner.
  4. Finally, always start at the front of your bed liner. You want to work your back towards the rear of your truck, so you don’t have to step in the freshly lined bed or jump off the side after you’ve applied the bed liner!
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