The Ultimate Guide to Brake Pads Repalcement Costs

brake replacement cost
When it comes to servicing vehicles, one component that stands out among the rest with respect to maintenance are the brakes. You and your passengers will feel safe on the road and comfortable in the vehicle if you have a high quality, reliable, and sufficiently installed brake system.

As you use the brakes regularly, the friction exerted wears down the brake pads, making them thinner. Once the brake pads reduce in thickness to about 3mm or less, the pads must be changed immediately for safety reasons. Normally, brake pads can endure the friction for about 30,000 to 35,000 miles depending on the places you constantly drive your car. For instance, driving around the city roads wears out the brake pads faster. However, certain cars, such as the BMW have a warning system that alerts car owners about the nature of their brake pads, which allows them to change the brake sensors when servicing the brake pads.

The average cost of replacing your car break system depends on the number of brake pads it uses. Many cars use about 4 to 8 brake pads depending on the car model. The front and rear car brakes wear out differently depending on how much you use them. As you step on the brake pedals, the exerted pressure pushes the master cylinder to release fluid to the brake calipers, thus holding the brake pads. Then the caliper pushes the brake pads against the brake rotor, which brings about causing friction against the wheels hence slowing down the car.

A car owner should keep in mind that replacing brake pads must be done in pairs for both the front and rear wheels to make sure that both sides wear down evenly and prevent the car from losing balance when braking. The average cost of replacing a brake pad is between $300 and $400 excluding the cost of labor, which can have an estimated cost of between $150 and $200. On the other hand, you can purchase the related parts for approximately $140 and $210. The cost may vary with the car model as well as your location. Generally, replacing brake pads depends on the car type and the chosen auto repair shop. However, with mobile mechanics, you will not incur overhead costs that other repair shops have because they conveniently come to your residence or any suitable location.

A professional mechanic or service center charges approximately $100 to $250 per axle for the replacement of brake pads. For one axle that has a set of four pads, the cost of the brake pads is averagely $35 to $150 as dictated by the quality and material used to make the pads as well as the car model. You should note that some mechanics or service centers repairs commonly offer such services at promotional prices, which can decrease the estimation of the repair prices. Hence, it is important that one understands precisely the included or excluded services in the promotional costs.

It is a vital safety measure to maintain and replace your brake pads regularly. This is because driving your vehicle with worn-out brake pads can increase braking distances and the rate of damage to the brake rotors, which are more costly compared to brake pads. Therefore, as you seek the services of a mechanic, you should weigh the costs versus the risk you put yourself in with worn out brake pads.

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