5 Simple Tips & Tricks for Maintenance of Your Car Battery

Last Updated on January 16, 2019

Car batteries are the electrical source of your vehicle. It is responsible for powering the vehicle’s start-up, operation, computer, radio, dashboard lights and so on. Most people do not even bother with the maintenance of their battery. Instead, they’ll just wait for the battery to die out and then they’ll pay $100 to $200 to replace it. This is a shame because, with the right maintenance, you can get your car battery to last anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

Top 5 Tips

Below are 5 tips which you can implement to maintaining your car battery and to ensure that you get the most life out of the battery as possible.

  1. Insulated Garage – You will want to store your car in an insulated garage when you are not using it. The insulation is a better way of keeping the car battery warm in the winter time so that it will last longer. Do not use a heated garage because that will cause your car to form rust.
  2. Clean the Battery – If you have a lot of dirt orother kinds of residue on your battery, then it will make it harder to get a charge out of it. That is why you will want to periodically clean any oxidation, grease, or corrosion from the battery. Make sure you remove the clamps first and clean them too.
  3. Use Distilled Water–After a while, gases will build up inside of the battery. You can reduce the amount of gas that gets built up by adding distilled water to the battery. This helps stretch the battery’s life to the fullest time possible.
  4. Recharge Battery – You can preserve your battery’s lifespan or bring a dead battery back to life by recharging it when there are signs that its power is low. There are even solar battery rechargers where you can use the rays of the sun to give life to your car battery.
  5. Secure the Battery–Sometimes a battery may go bad because it is not secured in its position inside the battery tray. This will cause a battery to move around a lot and possibly even fall over. If a battery were to keep jiggling like this, it could bang into the engine and cause all kinds of problems. So, make sure you periodically check to make sure the battery does not jiggle and that it is tightened down properly.

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Car batteries are very important to maintain and with proper care, you can help make your car battery last for more than a few years.



  1. My battery is free maintainance N65MF it was drawned to 4V and now the vehicle (toyota landcruiser)cant start but when started it will work as usual with no electrical component working


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