6 Symptoms of a Car Having TOO RICH a Fuel Mixture

When you have a lot of fuel, this is deemed as rich. When you do not have a lot of fuel, this is deemed as lean. The engine computer of the vehicle controls the fuel mixture through the use of oxygen, fuel injectors, emissions sensors, and air flow sensors.

If the fuel mixture of your car is rich, you may have one or more of the following 6 symptoms:

Engine Code is Lit Up

If your engine code light shows P0172, this means the exhaust gases have an abundance of gasoline in them as they are coming out of the combustion chamber. There are lots of instruments used in the engine control unit including oxygen sensors, the manifold absolute pressure, and the mass air flow sensor. The manifold absolute pressure is used to watch the engine’s air-fuel ratio.

Bad Fuel Efficiency

If you notice that you’re not getting as much gas mileage as you used to get, it could be a sign that you’re pumping gas too regularly. This causes the fuel mixture of your car to be rich, resulting in bad gas mileage.

Weak Engine Power

Power is created in a gasoline engine from fuel, air, compression, and then a spark. Without these four requirements, you won’t have power being generated from your engine. So, weak engine power would mean that a problem must exist somewhere here.

You may have compression that is normal and a spark that is normal but still have low engine power. This could only mean that the mixture of fuel and air either has too much fuel or too much air.

Too Much Carbon Monoxide

The exhaust can have lots of carbon monoxide if there is a rich mixture of fuel. Too much carbon monoxide needs to be taken seriously because it can put your health at risk. If you were to just breathe these fumes in for a few minutes, it could cause serious neurological damage.

Rough Idling of the Engine

A fuel mixture that is rich could be the result of an engine that is rough idling. This means the vehicle will become bouncy and feel a bit rough as the engine stays running. When you drive the car under its normal speed, it will become idle and the dashboard will show RPMs that are erratic. As the vehicle runs, there could even be slipping, skipping, and shaking.

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Bad Emission

If you notice the fuel of your vehicle is not burning and there is roughness as the engine runs, the emissions could be too high. A fuel mixture that is rich in fuel could be from worn out spark plugs. As a result, gas will not burn that great in your car. To prevent your emissions from getting out of hand, get a tune up on your vehicle regularly and always monitor the fuel and air mixture to make sure it is balanced properly.

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