Top 6 Causes of a Car That Won’t Accelerate

The symptoms of a car not accelerating like it used to can occur on many high mileage vehicles. A driver might not notice these signs in normal day to day driving but they become abundantly clear when driving up a steep hill or when quickly trying to accelerate into fast moving traffic.

It is in those situations that drivers will come to notice the obvious slow acceleration and the fact that the engine of their vehicle is struggling to keep up.

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Common Causes of Car That Won’t Properly Accelerate

This is a common problem in high mileage vehicles but there are no serious or immediate concerns regarding major engine problems. Some of the causes are actually minor and should be checked first in order to locate the issue and possibly fix it as well. Here are some of the most common causes:

#1 – Mass Air Flow Sensor Clogged or Malfunctioned

MAF sensor

The mass air flow sensor (or meter) is located and attached to the inlet air cleaner. Since the function of the air flow sensor is to measure air mass that is flowing into air intake, a clogged or bad mass air flow sensor could send the wrong data to the engine ECU for calculating the air fuel mixture. A symptom of an air flow meter malfunction is car that won’t accelerate correctly.

#2 – Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

oxygen sensor

An oxygen sensor is device whose function is to monitor the exhaust emissions of the vehicle so that it can analyze the air-fuel ratio going through the engine of that vehicle. To make a long story short, a car needs a proper amount of fuel in order for the fuel to burn properly in the combustion cylinders so that it may run smoothly and may accelerate as required.

This sensor sends the information about the amount of fuel being used to the computer unit of the engine and if this sensor get damaged, then the engine of that vehicle will have no idea what ratio of air-fuel mixture to use which may result in a fuel rich mixture. This can cause the slow acceleration of the vehicle even with the accelerator pedal completely pressed making it unreliable when it’s needed.

#3 – Malfunction of TPS

TPS sensor

The basic principle of the throttle position sensor (TPS) is to detect the throttle valve opening angle which is controlled by accelerator pedal. Then the TPS will send this data to the ECU. If the TPS malfunctions, the engine speed cannot be controlled by the accelerator pedal and engine speed will increase or decrease without any press or depress the pedal.

#4 – Dirty or Clogged Fuel Filters

fuel filter

A dirty or clogged fuel filter is another reason for a car not accelerating like it’s supposed to when required to do so. With a dirty fuel filter, the engine won’t be getting enough fuel which means that the vehicle won’t be giving the acceleration performance that it should. Replace the fuel filter as soon as possible.

#5 – Clogged or Dirty Air Filters

dirty air filter

Just like a fuel filter provides the engine with the clean fuel, an air filter provides the engine of a vehicle with clean air to be used in the air-fuel mixture which will be sent to the combustion chambers to burn. If an air filter is clogged, then the engine won’t get the right air-fuel mixture resulting in slow acceleration. Replace the air filter as soon as possible.

#6 – Timing Belt

bad timing belt

This component is as it sounds. The timing belt is something like a VIP in the list key of components of an engine. If this belt is off even by 1 tooth, it may cause some pretty notable acceleration problems.

However the list of causes of poor acceleration does not end here. Other culprits behind slow acceleration may include a slipping clutch, the transmission system itself, or an unexpected or unrelated problem which may surprise even veteran mechanics.

If you’re not comfortable troubleshooting a car that won’t accelerate, I recommend taking the vehicle to a reliable mechanic and let him give it a full checkup. This will allow him to properly diagnose the issue and recommend a suggested fix.



  1. I have a 98 ford ranger that occasionally looses power & won’t accelerate. Can happen anytime on freeway or surface streets. It only last a few seconds then it’s ok again. No smells, no warning lights, nothing to indicate a problem. Mechanics can’t find any problem. Replaced battery then fuel filter then idle control motor. Still same problem but only for seconds & can go 200 to 1000 miles before it happens again. Can’t keep fix in stuff it isn’t. Any suggestions?

    • it so complicated, so the problem comes sometimes and take only for a second?
      i mean when problem occur, it continuous or just a second then comeback normal again?

    • i had a similar issues with a 94 ranger it randomly happened throughout the summer. i ended up needing my alternator replaced.

      • My 2015 Nissan Rogue did this only temporarily (I turned the car off and turned back on and drove fine) but my car would rev high around 4000rpm but barely gain speed (like I was barely pressing the pedal almost) seemed like it wouldn’t switch out of first almost.

        • This just happened to me today. Out of nowhere. In a 2015 Nissan Sentra, while in the middle of my commute home on the expressway. I would press the pedal to accelerate and not gain speed at all, but it would rev up to 4000rpm. But if I let go of the gas completely and then pressed the pedal lightly, it would gradually start to gain speed again. I’m not sure what that is. I haven’t tried driving it again since I’ve gotten home, so hopefully turning it back on will reset something. Has anyone offered an explanation yet? I’d just like to know it’s not my transmission going out..

    • Have to replaced fuel filter and all of that? I would say if yes then I would change where you get your gas some places will sell bad gas or have leaks in their ground holdings that allow water or contaminates in. Sounds like the fuel systems just flushing out something bad every now and then and struggling while processing it through the motor.

      • Thank you a lot I am gaining something at first mine wasn’t idling now it is so I wl try some of these thanks guys

        • My 98 Honda Civic lost strength wen I put it on gear I step on the gas an it goes but it takes time to move

        • On my 2004 Hyundai Elantra my rpms rev up high and it’s like I’m not accelerating then I start pushing on the gas pedal lightly and eventually it all comes back to normal I notice today was kind of hard going up hill the only thing my check engine light shows its canister purge valve solenoid

      • I have a 97 grand Cherokee v8 that does this when I’m takin off from the light usually I’m gone but I put that sea foam in it now 2 days later it’s doin it I thought transmission was goin out but should one of these be the problem?

        • I try to start my car it starts and i give it gas and then when I take my foot off the gas it cuts off?? What does that mean so many people too me many different things

      • I have Hyundai Getz 1.1 recently my car not picking up the speed especially on hills and takes ages to pick up the speed and doesn’t flow with the traffic. What could be the cause for it ?

        • I have an Infiniti JX35 when I put the car in drive press the gas it’s not wanting to run it’s like getting stuck , also I can smell something bad not sure what it is . Any suggestions of what it can be ?? And thank you .

      • Should try driving my truck to the shop when the transmission is out..having a new transmission put in…i dont want to pay a $200 toll..

    • Could be that your car is driven in very cold weather. Happens with most cars. However, after it warms up, the problem should be gone. If not, then it’s something else.

      • Mine is a 2003 Chevy Tahoe, I heard a singing sound, then it started jerking and then I had to press the gas petal all the way too the floor just too get in my driveway

      • Andreaz: i own a 2009 Xterra, same, same, NP starting it, but try and press on the gas, it goes like no where. was told it was rings and the likes, but it doesnt make any sense, problem i know, they have made these cars to darn complicated, and Mechs flat out do not know. even had it plugged into the ECM and codes dont tell much, multi cylinders misfiring…..well i knew that, and it doesnt say why. MAF sensor was replaced, still got problem. rive up engine at light, turns green and car goes no where, or a crawl at best, please help, what could it be? is it possible that it is for sure, not the trannie? now knowing just that would make me feel a bit better.

  2. i have a 99 honda crv. the timing belt jumped which affected the four valves out the sixteen valve, my mechanic worked on the engine by replacing the valves and the gasket but since after the work the car acceleration is not normal again. it is so slow especially at idle speed.when you accelerate it somehow sluggish to pick. what could be the likely problem

  3. Possible causes and easiest step you can do:
    check clogged exhaust pipe
    check fuel pump weak
    and please also chcek the compression of each cylinder

  4. I have a 2005 Toyota Camry drives normal for a while then just stops, motor is still running but when you push on the gas pedal it does nothing. I can shut the car off and restart it and I will drive fine again for a while.

      • Toyota Camry 2002. Fuse went out on alternater. Got replaced. But car wouldn’t start. The second fuse in the box gets taken out it starts but when I push on gas pedal it won’t move. When the second fuse is in there it will start and immediately turn off. Maybe computer system going crazy?

        • I have a nissan pathfinder suv that once i press my brake or slows down it drags and does not want to increase its speed. if i accelerate it makes a sound the speedometer does not increase.
          fuel filter has been changed injector and noozle has been cleaned. it did well for 2 days then became sluggish again.

      • My 2002 Nissan sentra is refusing to accelerate, everything seems to be fine except this morning, when i start the car and accelerates the engine goes off
        Have tried over and over and still cant pick

        • U need a flush that’s all the same thing happened to my friend car and she got flush now it runs real good

    • I have a1990 toyotA desil and I ran out of fuel.i just put more desil in it and it started up but now no acceleration and leaks desil from below hand pump????????

  5. I have a 2014 Toyota Corolla Axio, where the gas pedal is not accelerating when pressed. When I got it checked out, the mechanic is saying that the ECU is damaged. Could this be the case?

  6. When i turn my truck on it just sort of shakes from side to side and it doesnt sound like it has much power and when you accelerate it wont accelerate at all its a 1997 chevy cheyenne 2500 single cab

  7. On my car the coil packs were causing it to not accelerate. Had to replace them, more than once. There is something (many things!) wrong with Dodge Darts.

  8. I have a 99 Chevrolet P/UP 5.3L , I’m having acceleration problems, the odometer jumping up to 25mph. to 35mph. then down to 0. The break light flashing, and vehicle will not go fast, all you hear is the motor rising. Any words of wisdom ?

  9. I have a 2012 Nissan Note and I was driving it one day up a hill/slope and it wasn’t going when I pressed the gas pedal. From that day I was not able to accelerate and my car not driving the same anymore.

  10. I have a 2003 Subaru legacy L sedan and when I come to a stop and then press the gas pedal it’s almost non responsive and sluggish. I have changed the fuel pump and I’m going to change the pcv valve but I don’t know if that’s going to fix it please help.

  11. I have a 1989 BMW 325i and when i floor it the rpm’s go up but it doesnt accel like a normal car its only got 200xxx miles on it, any help?

  12. I have 1999 rx300 Its sluggish in movement especially when going up a hill and when on reverse. It moves sluggishly for some seconds and then accelerate backk. After applying brake to accelerate the car it moves sluggishly. Please what could possibly be the cause

  13. i have 2007 mitsubishi grandis 2.0L di-d (volkswagen engine) . it was driving fine then all of a sudden would drop down in speed still with my foot to the floor, then it would gradually build back up . now the car will start after a good bit of persuasion but as soon as i rev it it cuts out . i put a new fuel filter in it and made no difference

  14. I have a 2001 Ford Taurus that when I hit the gas it goes slow maybe like 20 mph. It just started last night. I was told to put transmission fluid in it.

  15. I have a 06 vauxhall astra petrol 1600twinport it doesn’t accelerate in first gear takes awhile to pick up speed and is a bit jumpy in neutral at 2000revs 98000+miles

  16. I have a 92 Toyota Camry, I was driving to work one morning and notice the car was struggling to go over 20 mph and i changed the spark plug wires assuming they were the problem they were misfiring. now when i press on the gas it picks up very slow and sluggish. It has new spark plugs , new gasket just did the oil change, all my fluids are good,

  17. 2006 Chrysler Town and Country..has a slow start when accelerating. The rpms go to almost 3 before you feel it change gears.. a few weeks ago I went to.pull out on a hwy and go and it made a grinding noise so I instantly letnoff gas.the noise stopped the second I let up and has not happend again but I have been babying the car. A friend said it’s the water pump…im not to sure

  18. I have Mazda6, 2004. It does not accelerate after starting. I have to warm the engine for twenty minutes, then it runs smooth. No acceleration prpblem then. Moreover, overdrive option turns on by itself sometime while driving.

  19. i have 2007 Hyundai Matrix 1.8. In the past couple of months my engine check light has been always on and when i checked with a local workshop on the issue, initially it was said to be O2 sensor. Once they had changed the O2 sensor the real problem started, only after a couple of days (1 or 2 days) first the engine check light came on again and later on the car starts to decelerates abruptly to a near stop. I had to stop the car to the side and turn off and on the engine again to get it to running again.
    I had brought my car to the workshop again to be checked and this time they changed the gearbox, the fuel injector and the fuel pump but to no avail. The error on the engine check light showed to be the O2 sensor so the workshop technician could be due to a dirty engine manifold and sent for cleaning. But still the problem exist, even the workshop themselves have given up on what could be the issue.
    My patience has been running thin and the frequency the car stop abruptly has increased. Please help me as i am really clueless to solve this problem. Thanks.

  20. I have a 2012 Chrysler 200, when the AC is on my car seems to act sluggish and won’t accelerate very well. Any suggestions on what to have checked?

  21. i have a 1998 ford puma 1.7
    when i floor the gas pedal the rpm rise but the car doesent accelerate for a second
    what might be the problem?

  22. Hi,
    I have a Toyota corolla 2008 , when i press the gas it is very sluggish , and make a noise like a race car, rpm of motor goes to 5000 for 50km/h

  23. I have a 02 buick century & when I drive my car wont accelerate I had a street mechanic look at it & he say its my upper ..oxygen senor..all I know is when I drive it takes a long time to pick up speed no matter how hard I press on the peddle & its usually a lot of white smoke to what do you think the problem could be? The oxygen Senor or maybe something else??

  24. Lexus V8

    Had an issue with the feul pump … If I hit the gas she would just die and struggle to start again … Dropped the tank … Found the earth wire snapped … Fixed it … Drove Fine for a day … Now she took really long to start up then after she finally did start she had low idle … Extremely slow rev pick up … And If i rev her up to 2000 Rpm and let her come down again she backfires …

  25. Hey. I have a 2011 model daihatsu move 660 cc. I had 3 passengers with me yesterday and as we got on the bridge , the car just stopped accelerating. No matter how hard i push the accelerator it won’t go above 30 kmph. Is it possible coz of the plugs? Or is there another fault. My car is automtic

    • My Toyota Camry 2010 car struggles to pick speed or even move at all in Park when the AC is on. I noticed that even without the AC, the engine now struggles to pick up speed. It eventually does though but some seconds late. Also, when my head lamps are in full beam, the inner lights kind of shake… Slightly though.
      Please what can I do? I feel my mechanic doesn’t do a good job with my car.

  26. I have a 2005 chevy impala and my problem is that when I am at a red light the car will not go forward even though the car is running. There is no rough idle it just doesn’t accelerate. I turn it off and try again it accelerates briefly then loses acceleration. What could be the issue?

  27. I have a 2013 Nissan Versa that will be slow when I take off from a light and then shifts to a normal speed. Ive used fuel cleaner, fuel injector cleaner, but I have not had a oil change for about 7000 miles.what do you think the problem can be and about what would it cost.

  28. I have a nissan 2011 sentra that isnt aclerating properly or at all i cant go more up that 10per/m after i hit the curve i already changed both of my tires but now im having this problem and its also haveing a rotten egg smell and most of my dashboad lights r on. What could this be???

  29. I have Hyundai accent 2002 auto car.some times when accelerated engine is not speedup.try to knocking.( while running)why it happen?

  30. hey my accelerater goes to the bottom when I press it without me trying and the fastest it will go is very slow it wont hardly move when I make it go all the way down can u help me. is it because I don’t got an air filter my air filter is piping out the bonnet.

  31. Nissan serena 2008 model problem climbing uphill,changed the spark plugs but still nothing has changed on normal road it’s fine and performs ok.

  32. 2014 nissan versa. While turning car wouldn’t accelerate. car rocked back and forth with Rpms going up. Car finally accelerated. Took it to the dealership b/c it is still under warranty. dealership can not duplicate the problem.

  33. I have a 02 2500HD Silverado it was wrecked and sat for 6 months. When I fixed it ,it started but idles fine but won’t accelerate or when I give it gas it nigga down. I changed the fuel filter runs a little better changed the fuel and added Lucas additive. Could it be a sensor

  34. I have Mercedes Benz Ml320 1999. The recent challenge with the car is that it can’t gain sudden acceleration. Like you want to overtake moving will suddenly lose power. Also when you drive in slightly muddy surface

  35. I have a 2009 Kia Spetra that has over 200K miles on it. I was driving on the surface streets & after I came to a stop at a traffic light, when the light turned green it would not accelerate. The engine was still on, I pushed the gas & the RPM indicator arm would go up but the car wouldn’t move. I tried it in other gears like 3 & 2 & L but nothing. Reverse oddly enough worked fine. A friend of mine that works on cars thinks it might be the transmission but didn’t rule out a fuel pump, front axles, or sensor. Any ideas?

  36. I have 2011 Renault duster, the vehicle vibrates when in reverse drive, delay to accelerate when in drive position even if throttle is pressed down, what could be the fault please

  37. 1997 honda accord turning on my vehicle placing it in gear D4 I drive the car and the vehicle speed wont pass 20 and slowly decreases and will not pick up speed when I press down on the peddle engine just revs what can it be

  38. I have 02 Toyota Camry. For the first time the acceleration of car went down . The more I press the pedal the car won’t move fast , just making noise. What could be the problem and a quick fix to get to my destination. Is it safe and advisable to continue moving the slow moving car.

  39. I have a 2012 chevy cruze. It keeps jerking when accelerating I replaced the mass air flow sensor, both o2 sensor,and throttle body. It stopped jerking but sometimes it lacks power when accelerating now.

  40. After car was service it’s started if I’m driving and want to accelerate the car will not go and makes a noise like it is smothering and then it kicks in and go

  41. Hello I had an isuzu kb 300 lx I had recently change th engine but its only idle but do not had an accelerate when you press the pedal its raffle count cant go up or change the noise of idle

  42. I have a 2013 dodge journey about 88,000 miles on it. Was on highway in traffic hit gas to accelerate card made a load whining noise barely moved, i pulled over shut it off and its been ok but im a little nervous. What could make this happen?

  43. I have a similar problem, my car is Honda EOD 2003 V6. It won’t accelerate at all or even pick up eventually. Its just dragging and sucking my fuel like no man’s business. Please i need urgent help.

  44. I have a 97 Acura 3.0 CL, it’s making clicking noises on the passenger side by the dashboard. It starts, will drive, but at a certain distance it won’t let me accelerate when I press the gas. I can turn it off and wait a few and it would start back up and drive again. What might that be?

  45. My car is revving itself and when i press the accelerator it does not respond what might be the problem because the car is travelling at 20km per hour.

    • I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima when I push the gas peddle on drive it won’t move just revs up but if I put the car in one or two it will drive then I can put it in drive I have to do this every time I drive it

  46. I have 07 Ford E350- V8 5.4L, replaced my compressor and on starting the car to fill gas. My car struggles to accelerate; engine working fine thou engine and throttle lights are both on. Need help here

  47. My car will go along fine at any speed, then suddenly it feels like the brake is applied, car slows down alot, have to gear down to fourth or third, floor it and eventually will pick up fuel and take off again. Replaced 2 ignition coils (used) about 5 months ago as was doing this before and worked good since, but has started acting up again. New plugs but not wires. 04 echo. Do you think it’s these again? Anything else it could be?

  48. My 2015 Kia Rio almost stops on me when I accelerate and it gets a little scary when I turn and it won’t go and a car is right behind me. It also does this when I change lanes

  49. Hi.. My car is a 2006 Hyundai accent and it’s not accelerating in drive or in reverse it just lets me roll backwards there’s no awkward sound my car still starts up do you know what the problem might be?

  50. i drive a 2011 toyota venza V6 acceleration is slow my 80 mph movess like a 45mph and consumes alot of fuel trust when i say wife drive 08 hyundai accent moves wey 50 and thats 1.6ltr engine

  51. Hmmm.. am using Ford Fiesta 2011 model and for past 3 years I Ve been enjoying this car till I had the issue of overheating which has generated a lot of problems which I can’t even explain. They changed the gasket Nd so many parts of this car but the problem Stil persists. What should we do again to resolve this problem? Thanks.

  52. My daughters 2002 Infinite’s check engine light came on the other day and last night coming home her car wouldn’t accelerate over 60. When she got home it was running hot. What could it be?

  53. 2002 GMC Sonoma…truck goes into gear without hesitation or slippage, but will not accelerate over idle speed, maybe 5 mph. Engine races with acceleration but does not result in movement of the truck.

  54. I have a 2001 hyundai Tiburon standard it drives good but sometimes i accelerate the pedal and it goes slow rpm goes to 3 and when it comes back down starts getting power can somebody help

  55. a 99 camry that has no check engine light on but will accelerate poorly and then when I press the gas pedal down to the floor I will smell a burning smell later

  56. I have Toyota spacio, the acceleration doesn’t react quickly especially when the engine has been idle for sometime, but when the engine has warmed up its very ok. what could be the problem?

  57. My question is I have a 2002 Honda Civic. The check engine light is on. Saying misfire in cylinder 2. I replaced spark plugs and air filter. My car will not accelerate it just revs. I’m afraid it’s transmission. What do you think

  58. I have a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. On two separate occasions after I started the car it would not accelerate or rev at all, though it would idle and move forward in idle. In both instances turning off the car and starting it again (rebooting it?) fixed the issue. Any ideas? And Thank you.

  59. I have Mazda Axela 2004, in traffic when I pressed accelarate, speed and RPM very slowly increase but after 3_4 second the RPM suddenly increase 3_4 thousand and the car speed very high, what is the problem???

  60. I have a 2012 Toyota Etios Liva drives normal for a while then just stops, motor is still running but when you push on the pedal it does nothing. I can shut the car off and restart it and I will drive fine again for a while. And the engine light on from that moment.

  61. I have a 06 Lincoln Mark LT 2WD. Its having issues while I accelerate it. It almost makes a “jumping motion” when it starts to bog down some. Not sure what is wrong with it. Cat. Converters have been cleared out, and plugs are good.

  62. My car is Mercedes c320, it will accelerate and after sometimes it ceases to until I turnoff the engine and start it again before it can accelerate again and the process starts all over. What is the possible cause of this?

  63. I’ve got a 95 integra and when I give it gas it revs up but there’s hardly any pull. If It starts moving it starts vibrating unless I put it into the next gear, but I’m still maybe only going about 4mph

  64. I have a GWM florid 1.5

    When I am on the freeway of any open road driving between 80-120 km/h with my foot on the gas , after a while it just slows down while my foot is pressing down on gas. Then when I leave the gas pedal and place my foot back on the gas pedal it accelerates again.

    I have changed the fuel pump , there are no smells , no leaks on the ground and no emergency check lights comes on and no sound.

    Please help

  65. I use a 2007 Camry,my battery ran down and after jump starting,the car came on and just won’t accelerate at all,flat on 0,the gas pedal seems for fancy,I asked a mechanic to check,he said fuel pump,and next thing he said the gas pedal has to be replaced that he found out the car pumps fuel just fine,I asked him to return the pedal and I’ll get back to him.

  66. I have a 2005 Honda Accord ivtec, 4 plugs. The current mileage is about 110000. I changed the gear box recently and since then the car experiences poor acceleration. When started, the car will run normally for about 30 minutes but once there is a little hold up and car was on and ac running problem starts. When I trottle the car will not accelerate and when I continue matching the trottle the car starts to shoot and often grounds to a halt. When I switch the car off and restart, the acceleration becomes normal for a while before the failure to accelerate repeats.

    I have also noted that the car doesn’t easily accelerate beyond 100km/h. My technician attributed the problem to the raising switch which he brought out and cleaned. The problem stopped but reappears after some days of driving. I have also had to change the plugs and had the nozzles serviced. Please help me with useful information.Thank you.

  67. I have a Chevrolet aveo 2009 acceleration is very low even when I press on the gas to the floor and engine shakes when ac is turned on.can some one give me some advise please

  68. I have a 1999 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series and it will not accelerate when I press on the gas does this mean that the fuel filter needs to be changed

  69. Have a Mercury Mountaineer 2007, yesterday coming from shopping, my car was working normal, suddenly at a red light, stopped responding when tried to accelerate and stayed that way every stop light on my way back home, before get there, stop to buy some groceries. After that the car was back to normal.

  70. For 8 months ive spent hundreds of dollars and still no result! Whenever I am sitting at a stop sign to accelerate or a stop light… whenever I mash my gas pedal it’s a horrible scrubbing sound and sometimes it will literally stop my car in it’s tracks!! My gas pedal has been checked to see if something was stuck…brakes has been checked… throttle body been cleaned… rotors been replaced brake pads…motor mounts… driving axel…but yet the same thing!!!!! I just found out my abs sensor is bad! My question is could that affect the acceleration! It’s very dangerous and its a scary feeling when driving my car!! It feels like metal…but will literally stop my car in it’s tracks whenever I accelerate after a stop!! #Help

  71. The other day I was leaving the driveway with slippery roads. The wheels did spin as I was on a slop but did manage to get on the road. Immediately I noticed the ENGINE LIGHT, and Traction control lights on. I had slow acceleration after that and still do. When I restarted the engine, the ENGINE LIGHT is on and after I am in gear and moving the traction light stays on even on dry roads. Any thoughts? 2009 Camry 125Km

    • Your car may be in limp mode (can you shift through all gears?) or another serious issue. I’d recommend getting the check engine light code scanned asap.

  72. I have 2009 VW Jetta sports wagon I just had a new water pump and knock sensor replaced and ever since then my car will drive normal until I go to Accelerate quickly it will start to jerk and bogged out almost coming to a stop when pedal is pressed to the floor what else could Cause this

  73. I have an 2008 Cadillac Escalade and it only goes 20 mph and does not reverse, I already replaced the solenoid. Do you know what could be the problem

    • Your vehicle may be in “limp mode” which is a safety precaution when the car’s computer recognized a serious issue with the engine or transmission. You should get it scanned for any trouble codes. I’m actually in the process of creating a new post on this topic but it unfortunately won’t be published for a few days.

  74. I have a 1999 Toyota Solara. My check engine light flashed on and off a couple times when I tried to accelerate up a small incline. It was also very cold out that particular night. It has about 120k miles on it. We ran a code scanner but nothing came up. Any suggestions? It was struggling to accelerate and would stick at 2000 rpms. Then the check engine light would flash on and off.

    • If the check engine light was flashing, there should be at least 1 trouble code stored when you scan it. If the car simply wouldn’t go past 2000 RPM it could also be in limp mode signaling some major issues. I’d recommend getting it scanned again in case the scanner itself was faulty. Go to a local Autozone if needed as they’ll scan it for free.

  75. My car struggles to pull away, it chug chugs for a couple of seconds even if I press the peddle down totally, sometimes feel like an airbubble that I’m pushing through, its so frustrating but when I drive fast it goes like a dream but the minute I slow down it takes forever to move back up. We replaced spark plugs and coil but no difference

  76. 2005 Altima, 178,000 mi Car will rev in park, when put in drive or reverse will glide forward or backward however when accelerating to actually drive will not go even with gas pedal pushed all the way down!!! Check engine light on. What could it be? Am going to have to have it towed.

  77. 2011 ford fusion , driving normal then sudden lost of power , wont accelerate . but is all good after i shut it off and restart.

  78. Automatic corolla 2007, it accelerates smoothly up to 65km/hr then stop accelerating. It only allow acceleration after it decelerate to 25km/hr.

  79. I have a 2006 Chevy HHR hit a rock knocked a hole in the oil pan patched it I put oil in it today got about a mile then it wouldn’t accelerate greater than 15-20mph then would just rev up I did spill a little oil like a doofus as I was filling it up but it didn’t burn no smoke I don’t know if maybe the oil could have gotten on a component and fried it or if it’s another issue entirely

  80. I have FORD FOCUS CAR – Manual Gear Transmission system, Run 2,23,000 KMS.

    Car is condition is good. All sensors are working.

    From yesterday i found some variation in Odometer readings display when I accelerate Foot pedal Engine RPM increasing as earlier. But found variation in Speedo meter readings.
    2000 RPM ~ 80-90 KMH (Earlier 100 KMPH)
    3000 RPM ~ 100-105 KMPH (Earlier 120 KMPH

    2 days before I replaced new FUEL PUMP unit. Not found any difference in Engine RPM (raise or lower the RPM by accelerate and decelerate).

    Please advise me to inform our Mechanic to do repairs / replace required spares.

  81. I have a 05 Ford focus when I fire it up on a morning I can put my foot to the floor and the rev needle dosent move it takes about 5mins then it will rev but there is no power in any of the gears it struggles to get over 80 then as soon as I hit a hill it’s strait back down to 50/60 then take a 10mins to build it’s speed back up any ideas

  82. I have a 2003 Ford 250 7.3L Diesel

    When it gets hot outside, my truck seems to lose acceleration and power. I can still drive, but with my foot to the floor, it barely accelerates. I can get going about 50km/h.
    If I turn it off, and turn it on again, it works just fine. Anywhere from 5ft to 50km. Doesn’t have any problems at all when it’s cooler outside. And turning the key off, then on again seems to fix the problem. However sometimes it’s just a few seconds then it loses power/acceleration again.

  83. My 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe will not accelerate.No smell just won’t go pass 20 mph any thoughts. Retired and limited budget.

    • It could be any of the issues above or even something else. Best thing to do is to get it scanned for any trouble codes by a local mechanic.

  84. I have a 96 Pontiac Sunfire. It’s a standard and when I shift gears it sputters acting like it’s not getting enough gas. What does this mean

    • First thing to do is check for any vacuum leaks in the engine. A rubber hose might have popped off, cracked, or gotten a tear in it. After that, check simple things like the air filter and spark plugs. You can also use a diagnostic tool to scan for any trouble codes the computer stored to help pinpoint the problem.

  85. Hi, I was driving on the highway when my gas finished. I got gas back in. Started the car a Honda Pilot 2004, it started normal but it won’t accelate despite pressing the gas pedal (accelerator) to the fullest. Got a new fuel pump, got the injector nozzles cleaned and it still won’t accelate. What could be the likely issues please

  86. I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marque. After driving 200 or more miles and the car is stressed going up a long stretch of highway the car stalls. By letting my foot off the accelerator it will gradually pick up speed when car is going down hill or when the highway levels off. Three dealers have indicated no problem after full diagnostic evaluation. I’ve replaced fuel filter, all plugs, three coils, with no results. What to do?
    I have not replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor, or the oxygen sensor, or the throttle position sensor.

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