Charcoal Canister Function, Failure Symptoms and Replacement Cost

In this article we will explain about one part of the engine emission system called the Charcoal Canister. So you will know the basic function, bad symptoms, how to replace and average replacement cost.  And here we go:

Function Of Charcoal Canister

A charcoal canister has an important job to do in a vehicle. Its job is to take all the harmful carbon emissions generated by the engine of the car and stop them from getting let out into the earth’s atmosphere. These canisters are sometimes referred to as vapor canisters because they are built into the evaporation control system of the vehicle. This is a system built to stop unstable organic compounds from being released by the engine and fuel system of the vehicle.

How Charcoal Canister Works

When fuel is evaporated, it becomes vapor. Then the charcoal canister stores the vapor so the engine can use it later for its mixture of fuel and air. The emission control canister may form a lot of particulates which could cause big problems with the solenoids and valves. The charcoal canister may even crack from this too. Although a cracked charcoal canister is nothing too serious, it will still cause fumes from the fuel or the fuel itself to leak from the car. To learn more about charcoal canister basic principle, see the video presentation below:

Bad Charcoal Canister Symptoms
All EVAP systems have a charcoal canister that it relies on. The canister has a huge surface area that is effective in storing vapors from the fuel. If the charcoal canister were to go bad, there would be an array of problems like power reduction, fuel odor, more pinging, lower fuel economy, and flooding.

Charcoal Canister Replacement Cost

You can expect to pay anywhere from $191 to $560 to replace a charcoal canister in a car. The costs of the labor will be anywhere from $35 to $123. The parts will cost anywhere from $156 to $437. These cost estimates do not factor in taxes and other fees.

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How to Replace Charcoal Canister

All the vacuum connectors and electrical connectors will be removed by the technician. They will clean the bad part’s mating surface and then put in the new part. Self-diagnostics will be performed by the EVAP system to see if the repair worked. If leaks are still occurring in the vehicle, or if there is a failure in other components, then the diagnostics test should also fail as well. At this point, you will need to restart the process all over again.


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