Average Cost to Change Automatic Transmission Fluid


If you are driving a car with an automatic transmission then you will need to change the automatic transmission fluid every 20,000-30,000 miles. You will also need to change the filter as well. The average cost at an automotive shop for a job like this can run anywhere between $150 and $210. These costs just cover the fluid change itself. There are also labor costs added on which typically run between $120 and $160. The parts to do the job could cost up to $50. But these are all just estimates.

In order to know what your particular costs will be, you will have to take your car down to your local automotive repair shop and have them evaluate your car. Usually, the type of car you have and its condition will play a factor in the estimated quote they will present you with. Depending on your jurisdiction, there will be governmental taxes and fees added on to the shop’s total costs. Therefore, if you were to take the lowest possible estimates without counting the taxes and fees, it would cost roughly $320 for the automatic transmission fluid change with labor and parts.

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The average car manufacturer recommends that a vehicle should get new automatic transmission fluid every 100,000 miles. However, most mechanics and automotive repair shops will tell you that you need to get it done every 30,000 miles because 100,000 miles is way too long to wait. Overtime, automatic transmission fluids will deteriorate just like any other automotive fluid. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for your car. This is especially true if you normally drive under severe conditions that put more stress on the transmission such as snowy weather and stop-and-go traffic. But don’t worry because if you regularly take your car to an automotive shop for oil changes and system inspections then they will be able to tell you the right time to get the automatic transmission fluid change.

There are some warning signs that you can pay attention to that will let you know when it is time to get a fluid change for your automatic transmission. For example, if you have trouble changing gears in your automatic shift then it is a sign that your transmission fluid is dirty. You may also notice your vehicle surging forward or backward as a result of the dirty transmission fluid not being able to flow correctly. Any kind of awkwardness like this is an immediate sign to get your fluid changed right away.



  1. I had my transmission replaced and right after it was replaced it started leaking. I took it back 3 times to be fixed. It still leaked . I took it somewhere else to have tranny fluid changed and that person noticed a bolt was stripped. Now the place that replaced Tranny said it could have been caused by a part that was changed on front end. He thinks there maybe a crack. Can the crack happen when the bolt was stripped.


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