Typical CV Joint Replacement Cost

CV Joint Replacement Costs

Average total costs for replacing CV Joint generally around $750 (depend on car model). read article below to get more information about cv joint:

While there are many people who can tell you what a gas tank, steering wheel, or engine is, there are fewer people who know what a CV joint is unless they are automotive professionals. This is an auto part located within the axle shaft of a car, and it serves the purpose of connecting the gears to the wheels of the car. It is a fairly straightforward and critical part which can usually fail when there is insufficient lubrication in the joint. When the CV joint is not lubricated properly, then the materials composing the joint are subjected to even more intense pressures and stresses, which causes them to fail more rapidly. This type of failure can occur on only one wheel, or it can potentially affect multiple ones.

In a large percentage of cases, there is an issue where the boot is leaking grease. What will tend to happen is that the mechanic evaluating the situation will tell their client to completely replace their axle shaft. This is a mechanical solution that does not beat around the bush; it gets straight to the point and deals with the problem on a fundamental level which is better than trying to continually put “band-aids” on the problem over and over until even worse complications arise. This will create an even worse setback for the vehicle owner so it is usually better to simply replace the entire axle shaft when a failure occurs.

Typical Costs for CV Joint Replacement

When replacing the entire axle shaft for a CV joint repair, after both the parts and labor are factored into the total cost, the average comes out to be around $750.00 in many cases. If there are multiple wheels that are requiring this kind of replacement, then the costs will tend to be roughly double that. However, for those vehicle owners who are skilled to some degree with automotive mechanics and knowledge, then the parts alone can be purchased for around $150.00 on average. This way, a lot of money could potentially be saved if labor costs can be cut out of the equation for a vehicle owner.

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Replacing the Entire Axle Shaft Versus Replacing Individual Components

When CV joint issues arise in a vehicle, one of the questions will typically be about the options of replacing individual components or replacing the entire axle shaft. While some vehicle owners who are not as knowledgeable about automotive mechanics may feel as though replacing individual components will be a cheap and easy fix for the situation, a seasoned mechanic will usually know that the entire axle should be replaced. This is based on the reality that if the route of replacing individual components is chosen over comprehensive axle replacement, then what will usually happen is that the same vehicle owner will have their car in the shop over and over, as more individual components need fixing. This kind of money pit is what can be avoided by simply replacing the entire axle shaft when a CV joint failure occurs.

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