Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot? (or Just a Myth?)

Somewhere along the line, this rumor got started that it’s illegal to drive barefoot. While we can’t track down any laws in the United States that make it illegal, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Just like driving with both feet can lead to problems, driving barefoot (or in socks, flip flops, high heels, and other footwear) brings its own host of concerns that you need to worry about.

So, where did this rumor come from that it’s illegal to drive barefoot, and why shouldn’t you do it? We’ll break it all down for you.

is it illegal to drive barefoot?

Is Driving Barefoot Illegal?

It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, there are currently no state laws that make it illegal to drive barefoot or without shoes.

However, while you can drive barefoot, that doesn’t mean you should. There are a few different risks that can come up if you’re driving barefoot, and we’ll address each of them later on.

Why Do So Many People Believe Driving Barefoot is Illegal?

Since it’s not against the law to drive barefoot in the United States, where did this urban legend come from in the first place?

The reason seems to be that it’s not a good idea to drive barefoot, and there have been plenty of driving instructors that advise against it. And sometimes when someone in any position of authority tells you not to do something, people automatically assume that it’s illegal.

While we can’t prove that this is the cause, it seems like a pretty likely culprit to us.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Barefoot

driving barefoot

Just because it’s not illegal to drive barefoot, that doesn’t mean that you should do it. There are quite a few reasons you shouldn’t drive barefoot, and we’ve highlighted a few of them for you here.

#1 – You Don’t Get As Much Grip

Whether you realize it or not, the soles of your shoes provide traction. Typically, this traction keeps you from sliding all over the place when you’re walking around, but it can help you keep your feet on the pedals when you’re driving.

While your feet do a decent job of providing traction, they’re not quite on the same level as a sturdy pair of shoes. This makes it more likely that your feet will slide off the pedals while you’re driving, which increases the likelihood that you’ll get into an accident.

#2 – Shoes Reduce the Risk of Injury

While the goal is to avoid an accident in the first place, sometimes accidents happen. Shoes provide an extra layer of protection to keep you safe if this happens.

While it might not seem like shoes would do all that much, but they help keep shards of glass and other sharp objects from penetrating your feet. And if you do have to get out of your vehicle and you can’t get your shoes back on, there’s a good chance there’s glass and other potentially dangerous debris at the scene.

Shoes help keep your feet protected in these conditions, and it’s a big reason you should keep them on your feet when you’re driving.

#3 – Wet Feet Cause Even More Problems

While bare feet don’t have as much traction as shoes, the problem gets even worse when your feet or the pedals are wet. That’s because the rubber soles of shoes can grab onto wet pedals relatively well, while your feet will slide right off them.

So, if it is raining outside or if your feet are wet for any other reason, it’s even more of a reason that you shouldn’t be driving without shoes.

#4 – It Can Lead to Cramping and Spasms

Shoes even out the pressure you apply to the pedals across your entire foot while driving barefoot has you apply the pressure directly to the balls of your feet.

For shorter drives this isn’t a big deal, but if you’re driving over longer distances it can lead to cramps and spasms in your feet. Since you need your feet to operate the pedals, if they’re acting up, it can lead to problems.

#5 – Sometimes It Can Be Painful

Most of the time driving barefoot isn’t going to hurt you, but if you’re driving an older vehicle or one with a stiffer clutch, pressing down too often can lead to some painful driving experiences.

These pains shouldn’t cause anything long-lasting, but if you’re uncomfortable when you’re driving it can take your mind off the road.

Is It Illegal to Drive in Socks?

driving in socks

Driving in socks is better than driving barefoot, but not by much. Socks can still slip off the pedals, and they don’t provide the same level of protection that you get from shoes.

While it’s certainly not illegal to drive in socks, it’s another one of those things you really should avoid doing.

Is It Illegal to Drive in Flip Flops?

driving in flip flops

If you’re considering driving in flip-flops or sandals, you probably shouldn’t. While it’s not illegal, flip-flops and sandals can lead to several problems while you’re driving down the road.

First, your foot can get stuck above the pedal while the rest of your footwear is underneath, which can lead to an extremely dangerous situation.

Second, both flip-flops and sandals don’t provide the same level of protection that you get from shoes. This is especially true along the tops of the flip-flops where they keep your feet exposed, but the soles also aren’t as thick as with regular shoes.

Is It Illegal to Drive in High Heels?

driving in high heels

While it’s not illegal to drive in high heels, this is one of those times that it’s probably better to drive with no shoes than in high heels. We recommend a pair of tennis shoes instead, but if all you have is heels you should probably take them off.

High heels are hard enough to walk in, but when you’re trying to operate pedals with them on, it’s very easy to slip off the pedals or get into other hazardous situations.

Is It Illegal to Drive in Ski Boots?

Have you ever worn ski boots? While it’s not illegal to drive with them on, you do not want to drive with them on. Even if you’re up on the mountain and need to move your car a short distance to a different parking spot or pick someone up, take them off before getting behind the wheel.

They’re large, clunky, and severely limit how you can move your legs. They do provide tons of protection for your feet when inevitably get into an accident because you can’t find the brake pedal though.

Is It Illegal to Drive in Ice Skates? Swim Fins? Rollerblades?

If too many people start trying to drive while wearing any of these things, we’ll be the first people out there trying to campaign to make it illegal. Currently, our government relies on people’s common sense not to drive with these things on their feet.

However, in the world of ridiculous TikTok challenges, we should never underestimate the stupidity of some individuals. Fortunately, not too many people try driving down the road when they’re wearing this stuff.

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