Simple Steps to Earn Money by Selling your Old Car Using Listlux

Last Updated on January 16, 2019

Listlux is one of the most favorite advertisements listing platform for sellers and buyers on the internet. This online listing website has enabled a number of sellers to sell their old car on desired prices to preferred customers. You can easily make money by selling your old car on listlux after posting an ad for it:

Selling old car on Listlux:

Take and upload three pictures:

Unlike most of the Listing platforms which offer limited product exposure to the buyers, Listlux offers a brilliant feature of adding up to three different pictures of your old car. This feature is important for building mutual rapport and understanding between the buyers as well as the sellers.

  • Take up to 3 high quality and clear pictures of the car you want to sale.
  • Avoid taking pictures from the same angle.
  • Make sure no personal details or landmark information is present in picture background.
  • Pictures can be uploaded from file destination or by using simple drag and drop feature.

Add title:

Posting ad list on Listlux requires the addition of ad title. In this section mention, all the prominent qualities preceded by the name and model of car you are willing to sell.

Write product description:

Once you have uploaded the pictures of your old car, it is now time to fetch Buyer’s interest in it. Listlux will direct you to a product description page in which you will be required to add product information. Listlux offers quite a wholesome description editing and you can make use of different fonts and highlight in order to attract the buyer. Keep the car description precise and do not give any private information in it.

Pick your category:

Selling of old cars on Listlux falls under the category of “For Sale” and as sub-category as “Cars and Trucks”. Select your relevant category and move on to the next step.

Mention Price:

Listlux requires you to mention the price of your car. Since it is a listing website, the addition of price is a plus point which helps in attracting buyers.

Add contact information:

Listlux will require basic contact information from you. This is just to make sure that you are kept up to date with the latest activities on your add. You will be required to add zip code as well as email address into the contact information section. You can choose to make it visible or hide it from your listing. The zip code and email address are compulsory to be provided by the ad poster. However, you have the freedom of providing or not providing your phone number and address in this section.

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Enhancing visibility:

Listlux offers two most amazing features. You can also enhance the visibility and improve your ad by making use of Listlux services. These features ensure that your car ad has greater exposure to potential buyers.

Start Earning:

After posting car ad on Listlux, wait for a few days until you are contacted by a buyer for purchasing of your listed car.


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