Engine Over Heat Symptoms

Engine over heat

Warning!!! For owner of vehicles whose engine fast heat or air temperature heat faster. Never underestimate this problem, because it would be severe, not only for the car but also the driver of the vehicle. Especially if the car broke down suddenly or even the most severe car suddenly stopped even in high-speed and certainly the lives or car owner will be at stake.

There is some reason if the car will be unable to run at high speeds or car wont accelerate, the engine is easy to heat, one of the reasons why it happens. This is because, in general the problem of fast cars hot temperatures typically experienced by vehicle age and elderly, but did not rule it can occur in a vehicle that was new.

There are a number of causes that make of car wont accelerate or causes rapid engine heat, including:

  1. Radiator and hose problematic

You are advised to be more diligent in checking your car radiator, make sure it is in good condition, no leak, not clogged, no crusty, and latter make sure hose and radiator is connected perfect. If the radiator is problematic, immediately bring your car to the garage, you should remember that the fluid in the radiator is rarely reduced when in good condition.

  1. Periodically change the water radiator

Do not let you forget to check the water in the radiator of your car, and do not use well water or water that contains metals or minerals for recharging. Look for a metal-free water, preferably purified water or bottled water AC.

  1. Quality ail and rapidly diminishing oil

No oil quality will not stand the heat, because it does not automatically resistant to heat the oil will evaporate and be reduced, the engine oil shortage causes the engine performance more harshly, because of friction, and friction are continuously making fast heat engine temperature.

If the oil quickly diminished not because of bad oil, make sure the engine does not leak and no smoke white.

  1. Car’ fan on the troubled

If three things above normal after checking then make sure the fan is also running normally and includes automatic switching contained in the cooling fan. Could be a weak fan speeds automatic switching damaged that should spin, even death.

  1. Disruption on the main machine

Motor vehicle, machinery disorders can be triggered due to shortage of lubricant or oil engine, and many other disorders such as engine damage to engine components and other.

  1. Damage to the thermostat

Thermostat is an indicator that there is a temperature gauge on the machine, make sure the thermostat is in good condition, a broken thermostat will not produce the right temperature accuracy.

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