How to Find a Car You Previously Owned

We all grow an attachment to our vehicles. Unfortunately, car ownership is not a lifelong commitment between you and your vehicle. There will come a point in time when you either sell or trade your vehicle so that you can purchase a new one. Once you do, someone else will take ownership of your vehicle.

After some time has passed, you may be curious as to what happened to your vehicle. Does the person you sold it to still own it? Is the car still in the same state where you live?

Perhaps you’re interested in finding the car because you want to buy it back or merely look at it again. Maybe you even left a personal item in the trunk or inside the seat cushions. Whatever your reason for finding it is, there are ways in which you can go about locating it.

Search the VIN

 If you still have the vehicle identification number of your previously owned car, you can conduct a vehicle history check by searching the number at the website. It will give you a CarFax history report which will include information related to the vehicle. Some of which includes past and present owner information, the value of the car, and previous accidents.

This information may or may not link you directly to the current address of the vehicle. But, it will give you a good idea of which city and state your vehicle is located in at the moment. If you want to see your vehicle in person, you could possibly research the contact information of the current owner and request to visit it. Sometimes a simple Google search of their name and city can help you locate them. You may even find them on social media too.

Post Advertisements

If you cannot find your VIN, you should post advertisements online and in the newspaper about wanting to find this vehicle. Include information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, color, engine type, and so on. Your advertisement should be in the same area where you sold the vehicle originally. Then you will have the best chance of getting the attention of the current owner.

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Contact the Buyer

If you sold the vehicle to a specific individual, contact them to see if they still have the vehicle. If they sold it too, try to get them to give you their buyer’s contact information. More than likely, they will do it.


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