How to Find a Car You Previously Owned (With or Without the VIN)

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

Regardless of why you want to find your old car, you’ll be happy to know it’s not an impossible task. That said, the speed and efficiency of your search depends on whether or not you have the vehicle identification number (VIN).

We’ll tell you how to find a car you previously owned by using the VIN, as well as how to search when you don’t have it.

OPTION 1: With the VIN

car VIN number

Like social security numbers, each vehicle has a unique VIN that allows you to access all sorts of information about it. You also need the VIN to register a vehicle in any state and get car insurance.

To use the VIN to find your old car, perform a vehicle history check using an online VIN decoder. These tools are mainly used for when you’re buying a used car but are great in locating previous cars as well. While there are some free ones, they will only tell you basic information such as make, model, and vehicle options.

To get more detailed information including: mileage, accidents, service records, owners, and general location of the vehicle, you’ll need to pay for a report using a service like CarVertical or CarFax. You can use this information to help figure out where the vehicle currently is.

CarFax is the older and more well-known service but CarVertical is a newer kid on the block and often provides more detailed information and at a much lower cost ($19.99 vs $39.99) for a single report. For outside the US, CarVertical is usually the best option.

While the vehicle history report won’t state the specific location of your vehicle, it will narrow down your search to its current city and state. Since the report will contain the name of the current owner, you can trace and contact them on social media to discuss seeing the car.

In addition to using a premium VIN decoder site, you can use various search engines to find your old vehicle. Enter the VIN (with parenthesis around it) into every search engine you know (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and others) and click the search button.

You may get a search result that brings you a step closer to finding your old vehicle. Even if you don’t get useful results on your first try, keep trying periodically until you do.

Can’t the DMV website tell me who owns my car and where it is?

department of motor vehicles

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) database does have that information, but you can’t legally access it without proper authorization due to the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) of 1994. While this restriction might seem inconvenient, it protects you and everyone else from unwanted persons accessing sensitive information.

But if you REALLY want to get around this, you can hire a licensed private investigator which may be exempt from the DPPA. The investigator will usually be able to obtain this information from the DMV when requested under certain well-defined purposes. See The Lost Car Registry for more info.

What if I can’t remember the VIN?

If you don’t remember your old vehicle’s VIN, there are ways to find it, such as:

#1 – Old Documents

When you owned the vehicle, you handled several documents that had the VIN on it, like registration papers, loan documents, insurance cards, and others. You might still have one of these documents at home, work, or even with your mechanic.

If you were ever in an accident with the vehicle, you’ll likely have a police report that contains the VIN. Once you find a document that contains your old VIN, you’re one step closer to locating your car or truck.

#2 – Old License Plate Number

With the license plate number of your old vehicle, you can get its VIN from your state DMV. The DMV will use the plate number to find the vehicle in their database and provide you with the VIN upon your request.

#3 – Driver’s License Number

The DMV keeps record of every vehicle you’ve registered under your license number, even if you’ve moved out of state and have a new driver’s license. They’ll be able to provide you the VIN number by showing your license.

#4 – Contact Your Auto Insurer

The auto insurer for your old car can give you its VIN. Before you can get the information, you’ll need to provide identification and some personal details. After proving your identity, the company should provide you with the VIN.

#5 – Bill of Sale

Whenever you sell a vehicle, a simple bill of sale document is created and signed by both parties. In it, the vehicle VIN is almost always noted. Check your files at home for a copy of this document.

If you can’t find the VIN anywhere, then you can try option two.

OPTION 2: Without the VIN

lost car

Without your old vehicle’s vehicle identification number, you can’t run any database checks. In this case, you have to find the car or ask the person you sold it to or someone who knows the current owner to reveal the vehicle’s location.

How can you find a car you previously owned without a VIN?

#1 – Post Advertisements

You can post ads online and offline to get the attention of the vehicle’s current owner or someone else who’s seen the car. The ad must contain as many details as possible, such as the vehicle make, model, year, color, engine type, and other distinctive features.

To get results quickly, place the ad in the vehicle’s last known location. Even if the vehicle has moved, someone in the area might contact you with useful information. It also helps if your ad states why you are looking for the vehicle. Otherwise, people might be wary about responding.

#2 – Contact the Buyer

If you have the details of the person who bought the car, you can contact them to ask if they still have it or have details about who bought it from them. If you have a name, you can run an online search for a social media account or phone number to contact the person.

#3 – Use Online Forums

On platforms like The Lost Car Registry, you can post details and photos of your long lost vehicle. Members who have information about your old vehicle will share it.

In addition, many makes and models of cars have their own unofficial online forums for enthusiasts. Sites like,,, and are a few popular ones.

#4 – Facebook Groups

Like online forums, there are many private Facebook groups for automotive enthusiasts of a particular car manufacturer or model. You’ll usually have better results finding a less common car that’s popular with enthusiasts like an E30 BMW M3. If you’re looking for an old Toyota Corolla, your odds locating it through a group or forum will be pretty low. 

Do you have a search method we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments.

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116 thoughts on “How to Find a Car You Previously Owned (With or Without the VIN)”

  1. I am looking for my 1970 Mercury Cyclone. It had a 351 Cleveland engine. The frontend was white with Montego hood and fenders and the rest was metallic green. I last owned it 1984 in CT area.

    I am also looking for my 1970 Ford Econoline custom van. It was red with murals of a dragon on the back doors and one etched into the side door. Also had clouds and land scape on the other side. It was a 3 speed on the column shift.

  2. I am looking for a 1960 Chevrolet Brookwood stationwagon with a 283 Engine.
    The lower half of the body was metalic blue and the roof was a lighter not-metalic blue with a dark blue interior. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Merry Christmas I am looking for a 69 Nova S/S. Dk Blue/Blk Vinyl Top. Blk Bench Seats. 4 spd 396/375Hp . Bought at Fencl Tufo Chev, Glen Ellen ,Il Sold in 1970 by my Dad after I was drafted,We lived in Lombard, Il .Had shorty exausts and Dark Crager mags. A long shot for sure, Thanks

  4. What a great site! Looking for the whereabouts of the first new car I bought. 1973 Camaro, 350/4-spd, metalic silver, full bumper, no spoliler and no vinyl top (vinyl tops were the thing-except for me). Purchased originally from Sausman Chevrolet, Lemoyne, PA. Traded in 1975 at an independent dealer in York, PA (Ron DeRose Auto Sales). Traded even up for a Buick Riviera. Turns out I bouight raffle tickets to win a 2022 Camoro, and didn’t win. Fell in love so I ordered a 2023 which I should get at the exact same time of year, 50 years later. Got me thinking about my ’73 and would love to find it. The ’73 was my first new car and the ’23 will likely be my last. It will be my 50th anniversary Camaro. Would like to have both of them. Nostalgia starts to burn at my age. I last had a tip about 10 years ago that it may be in Florida. Still searching for the VIN and Plate info. Thanks all!

  5. Hey so a few years back I parked my car at my dads house and he later sold the car without my knowledge. It was an unauthorized transaction. Now I am pretty sure I’ve found the car online what can I do about this situation.

  6. Jim Underkoffler
    November 16, 2022 at 3:30 PM
    In search of my 69 Camaro, convertible, 4spd, 350, white with orange strips on hood and trunk (pacesetter) houndstooth orange interior. I bought it new in Souderton
    Pa. Last seen around 18960 zip area

  7. Hi im looking for my moms long lost 1992 toyota celica sold in about 2009 I don’t know the vin but it had 236,000 mi when it was sold and was runing strong. it was red with a 5 speed and 4 cylinder. thanks and if you see any thing just comment

  8. I’m looking for a 1953 Chevrolet pickup which I had to sell in 2003or 2004 in Cokato Minnesota. It was sold to a firm called “Hooked on Classics” in Watertown, MN.

  9. Looking for my fathers 1967 Camaro that was traded at a car lot back in 1989 in Clarksville, TN. It was a primer red color at the time. Would really love to locate this vehicle. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this vehicle it would be appreciated. Unfortunately I don’t have the Vin or the old plate number.

  10. I am looking for a 1958 T Bird which was wrecked in the right quarter panel and sold to a Chuck in Kerman Ca. It was white color on top and clay pink on bottom with white interior and seats. It was sold in 1965?

  11. Hi,

    I am looking for my 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible with a 318 6 cylinder, it is red with black interior. I sold it in the early 80’s in Keokuk Iowa and would really like to see it again.

  12. HI –
    am trying to locate a vehicle that used to belong to an old boyfriend of mine. it was a white with red hard top, red leather interior chrysler cordoba (1970’s). dont know how long he had it for and whether it was junked, sold, traded, etc. last i knew he still had it in 1982. this was in staten island, new york. dont have the vin or plate number; just his name. he always let me drive it – i loved that car (and him). wish i could have both back. if anyone could be of help i sure would appreciate it.

    p.s. – he passed away in 2018 – miss him so much.

  13. Looking for my first car ,light blue 64 Mustang two door sold in Anniston ,Al to a shoeshiner name Will by Jim Turner. Would love to locate it.

  14. im looking for a 1971 Chevelle SS that my wife owned years ago
    It was white with a black vynel top .this was the vin, #1363711534159
    Since she has been real sick for the last few years with no end in sight ,
    She would really like to see her old car 1 last time ,if possible

  15. I am looking for my first car, it was a 1967 Camaro RS. Sold it in 1987. Last known location was Gainesville Florida. Sold it to a young man that was going to Santa Fe college. Would love to locate it.

  16. I am looking for my old 1967 Barracuda Formula S . I bought it new in Toledo, Oh and traded it in at Grogans also in Toledo. Car was a dark blue fastback ,383 eng,set of Doug headers,950 CFM 3barrel. Had a set of lucas driving lights set into grill. Purchased new while in the navy at that time. I am an old fart with not a whole lot of time left

  17. trying to find my 1968 ford mustang. i have the vin but no luck with any sites. no help from dmv anyone any suggestions?

    • You might try VinWiki to see if someone has logged any information on the vehicle. Otherwise, I’d check Mustang forums and see if anyone has leads on that particular car. It’s possible someone has the VIN documented somewhere that’s hard to find on Google. Good luck on your search!

  18. I’m trying to find my dad’s old Hillman Imp registration AVO 247B . Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

  19. Looking for a 1965 Chevelle Super Sport. License number DAT 069 sold new from Capitol Chevrolet, Salem Or. Serial No. 138375z134298. Silver with black interior.

  20. my buddy had a maroon ford thunderbird, late 80’s model but it had been tuned up at a pro shop and had ground effects that made it hit the eyes like a lincoln coup. sold in louisiana (new orleans) around 1996-7. i’ve been thinking of tracking it down and restoring it if possible to give his son for a college graduation present and freak my buddy out.

  21. I’m looking for my Econoline 200 supervan 1971, I think I last saw it in an employee parking lot on Sinclair rd in Columbus Ohio in the early eighties. It was silver with yellow blue an red stripes going up the side to th port hole window. Chrome reverse wheels with blue and white shag carpet on the inside. Any info GREATLY appreciated thanks in advance.

  22. I am trying to find my 1st car. A 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 350. I bought it new in ’72. It is/was yellow with cream color interior. I had an accident with it in 1976 and traded it to Bill Vernon Chevrolet dealership in 1977. I saw the vehicle once since then, in Langley, S.C. The paint job at the time of the accident apparently was below standard for the paint where it was repainted had begun to peel off. I would love to find my old car for mainly sentimental reasons. I would definitely be interested in purchasing it if it is available. Any and all help in finding this old girl will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  23. Looking for a 1965 mint green GTO I OWNED IN High school in Muskegon Michigan it was traded in 1970 or so my name is Les Porter

  24. Looking for 1963 Corvair Monza, white, black interior. Arizona car. I was the second owner. I purchased it from a Phoenix Chevy dealer used car in 1964. I installed genuine magnesium wheels, custom exhaust headers. Sold car in 1967. Would be interested in re-purchasing, regardless of condition.
    William Suman

  25. I’m looking for a 1869 Chevrolet Camaro hugger orange with white stripes on hood and trunk lid I used to own it last known where about Jolo West Virginia roughly 4 years ago would love to find it.

  26. This is what they would call a “LONG”shot!!

    I have little to no hope of this actually working. My Dad was using, and sold (with my permission) my 1990 Black Mustang LX 5.0HO, 5 Spd. with red interior back in 2013. My wife and I had moved to AZ in 2012 (where we currently reside) and left the car with my parents to sell before they moved to AZ as well. My Dad lived in the Catskill, NY area and sold it locally. I’ve been searching for any old paperwork on it, but since both my Dad and Mom have passed in recent years, its been a challenge to locate anything on the car. I owned the car from 1997-2013, purchased in 1997 in Latham, NY from a private seller for approx. $5,800, and would absolutely love the opportunity to purchase the car back, or at the very least know where it is today. Car needed some work back in 2013, and I hope it found a good home.

    The car has tremendous sentimental value and I’m hoping anyone that reads this could pass it along….never know I guess? Many memories with Dad , and Mom in this car…and it brings me to tears just thinking about it at times. My ultimate dream is to locate this car, work with the current owner to purchase it back, and start building those memories with my daughter and my family now that I had with my Mom and Dad back then.

    Grateful for ANY help, and appreciate anyone taking the time to read my short story. Thank you and God Bless.

  27. Looking for my high school sweetheart’s 1965 or 66? Ford Mustang. It was burnt orange with white interior and manual transmission. He died a few months after he got it and his parents tried to give it to me but my parents wouldn’t let me have it. I was only sixteen. The last owner I know of was Mike Watson? in Sweetwater Tennessee. I would love to have this car. Please email me if you have any information. Thanks!

  28. I am looking for my very first car purchased in Tulsa Oklahoma probably around 1983 or 84? I bought it at a used car lot on 11th St. I believe it’s a 1976 brown Camaro but I had it had gold crager wheels and gold Maroso gasket covers it was registered in Tulsa Oklahoma under my name Patrick Hanlon or Susan Elizabeth Hanlon . If anyone can help me find this car it would be very appreciated I also had a 1965 red Mustang with the red interior in the same town I drove in high school my phone number is 254-458-5367

  29. Hi my name is Carrie and I am on a quest to find my husbands 1970 chevelle supersport 454 car silver with black stripes and a vinyl top. I don’t have a VIN my husband bought it when he was 16 in 1976 in Paola, Kansas. My husband drove it in highschool, the he moved away and let his younger brother use it. But his brother sold it to someone without permission. we lost track of the car after that. All this would have happened in the location around LaCygne, Ks. I am still looking for the VIN number, I hope I can find it. My goal is to get my husbands car back before he is too old to not be able to enjoy it once again. I know this is long shot but if anyone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.

    • Sounds like a beautiful car. I would search Chevelle forums if you haven’t already. Facebook has a few Chevelle pages and you could ask on there as well. Good luck on your search.

  30. Looking for my father’s car which was last seen in 1980/81. Depending on which story I get from family members, it was either stolen or sold around the time my parents divorced. This would have taken place in Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
    It’s a 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans Hardtop Coupe with an upgraded sport package. An automatic column shift with bucket seats. Dark green exterior with light green vinyl top and dark green interior with the previously mentioned sport interior bucket seats. At the time it had a huge whip antenna trunk mounted. I have a picture but not sure how or if I can put on this post. License plate in picture dates from 1979-1980 and as follows…
    (CR 4283) and would have been licensed and titled in Euclid, Ohio (Cuyahoga County).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  31. Looking for my 1969 Chevelle SS.
    396 cu in
    350 HP
    400 Turbo Hydroelectric
    410 Posi 12 bolt rear end
    Power steering
    Glacier Blue
    Dark Blue fabric interior
    Bench seat
    Purchased at Huber Chevrolet Carrolton Ohio
    Sold in Lynchburg Virginia in early 1970’s

  32. I bought a 69 firebird used from miller moters in 1978. had the car until the early 90s, then had to sell same for monetary reasons. car was expresso brown with a black vinal top, 350 v8, auto trans black interior hub caps no special rims. sold to darrel sears in southeast wisconsin. would like to find out fate of car. drove well at time of sale

  33. I’m trying to locate a 1955’ T-Bird that my dad and uncle rebuilt from the junkyard in the late 70s -80s’. My uncle was a mechanic and he did the majority of the work on the engine at the time. My dad was a well-known body and fender man in Stockton CA back in the day. He had the upholstery reconstructed and he did all the interior, body work, and painting of the car (in lacquer at the time). The car was in pristine condition when he sold it in the 80s. It was jet black and in showroom condition. I just would like to know who might have it. My dad passed away from COVID over a year ago and my brothers and I reminisce about those late nights when he worked on this car. It’s been so long that I have no VIN, but I do have pictures with my dad and the plate number. Any suggestions on how to locate the car’s whereabouts is appreciated. Thx

  34. Use to own 1963 & 1/2 ford galaxie black exterior , red interior. 4 speed on the floor, bench set, 427 dual 4barrles, 4&1/2 in rear, traction bars, cragers all the way around, clean car in and out. I owned in the early 70’s. really miss the car. if anyone could help me out, would appreciate it. Thank-You

  35. How do you get a record of every car you ever owned from DMV? You say it’s possible with your DL # yet I cannot find a web page on the DMV site that lets me do this?

  36. I just picked up a 1928 Chevy National Coach. I have the I for from the two previous owners, but can’t search vin number because there is not one. There is however a stamp on the engine block, but has no letters.
    If anyone knows anyone in Denton Tx that might of known the owner, or can help out, I would be ecstatic

  37. Looking for my first car. A 1979 Mazda Rx7, brown/auburn in color with all the right stuff on it. I sold it in 1986 in La Crosse Wisconsin when I went away to college. Getting a bit nostalgic in my old age and would love to find it.

  38. Iam trying to find my ole 1984 CJ7 blue Jeep. With VIN# 1JCCM87E1ET148261. I would like to know if it’s still out there and possibly get it back. My family members and son told me to get over it that jeep is gone and forget about it.

  39. I’m looking for a 1970 or may have been a 71 Lincoln Continental medium blue, white top, white leather interior bench seats front and rear. All electronic windows and antenna . I don’t remember the VIN or License number, last known location a street in San Francisco, California collecting tickets for parking because the person that I sold it to left it setting when it broke down. But that was around 1984. I might still have documents with VIN or License number some where just haven’t come across them yet. Know it’s a long shot but thought I’d give it a try and see if this vehicle still exists.

  40. I’m looking for a red 1955 Chevrolet del ray coupe, sold in 1965-1966 sold it to a individual in Fulton county Georgia. I was the second owner. Black leather interior at the time, please help me with locating this car.

  41. I’m looking for a 1999 ford f-250 super-duty extended cab with every package available at the time. My grandpa ordered it from the factory and then sold it because he didn’t think he was putting enough miles on it for how much he bought it for.

  42. I am looking for a 1974 Dodge Charger, sold in Longview Texas in 1980. The Charger was green with White interior, sold by Bob McGill, It had a 440 in it at the time.

  43. EXCELLENT article! I help track and document Cougar Eliminators for the Cougar Club of America and the Eliminator Registry. I’m always answering this question for people looking for their old Mercury Cougar or Eliminator. Now I can direct them here instead.

    Additional methods that you can add to your list:

    Inquire with the major and local car clubs for your car’s particular marque. For example, if you’re looking for a Cougar then check with the Cougar Club of America. They have a Registry / Database of Cougar VINs for all years and owner history on many cars. If it’s ever been reported to the database, they can help you out.

    Inquire with the Registry for your particular make / model vehicle. Many low-production specialty vehicles have a Registry (or at least a car club) that tracks and documents vehicles of a certain make & model. My particular specialty is the 1969 & 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator. I have files on over 1000 Eliminators.

    Mike B.

  44. Im looking for a 1969 ford mustang , my brother bought the car new in akron ohio , the car color was dark green my brother kept the car for 2 years , but he took a iob in ny and left the car with me , and at that time the car had been painted a lite orange , the last i seen of the car was akron ohio , my borther passed away i just like to see it again


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