How to Find a Car You Previously Owned


We all grow an attachment to our vehicles. Unfortunately, car ownership is not a lifelong commitment between you and your vehicle. There will come a point in time when you either sell or trade your vehicle so that you can purchase a new one. Once you do, someone else will take ownership of your vehicle.

After some time has passed, you may be curious as to what happened to your vehicle. Does the person you sold it to still own it? Is the car still in the same state where you live?

Perhaps you’re interested in finding the car because you want to buy it back or merely look at it again. Maybe you even left a personal item in the trunk or inside the seat cushions. Whatever your reason for finding it is, there are ways in which you can go about locating it.

Search the VIN

If you still have the vehicle identification number of your previously owned car, you can conduct a vehicle history check by searching the number at the website. It will give you a CarFax history report which will include information related to the vehicle. Some of which includes past and present owner information, the value of the car, and previous accidents.

This information may or may not link you directly to the current address of the vehicle. But, it will give you a good idea of which city and state your vehicle is located in at the moment. If you want to see your vehicle in person, you could possibly research the contact information of the current owner and request to visit it. Sometimes a simple Google search of their name and city can help you locate them. You may even find them on social media too.

Post Advertisements

If you cannot find your VIN, you should post advertisements online and in the newspaper about wanting to find this vehicle. Include information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, color, engine type, and so on. Your advertisement should be in the same area where you sold the vehicle originally. Then you will have the best chance of getting the attention of the current owner.

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Contact the Buyer

If you sold the vehicle to a specific individual, contact them to see if they still have the vehicle. If they sold it too, try to get them to give you their buyer’s contact information. More than likely, they will do it.



  1. Back in 1973 I had a dark blue 1964 Impala SS. And I lived in Spring Park minnesota. 2door 327 vette engine I bought it from Viking Chevrolet on Highway 65 in Fridley, which now is Friendly Chev.

  2. in 1985 i was given a 1973 ss nova. bright yellow with a black stripe going down the side. sulphur springs texas is where i left it in 1989 with a black front driver side fender. would really love to locate this vehicle.

  3. In 1973 I owned a 1964 Chevy II nova. I traded it in to a dealership in Fenton, MI. I was 18 years old. It was red and a 3-speed on the column. It was a 2-door and original color was light blue but my dad painted it bright red for me. He was a sprayer for Fisher Body. I’ve always regretted trading it in because I traded it for a 1973 AMC Gremlin 2-door brown 3 speed on the column. UGH!! I didn’t appreciate what I had. How can I find my car? I’d buy it now if I could find it.

    • Back in the 60’s my dad gave me my grandfather’s 1951 chevy. It was a cream colored beige 4 dr sedan fleetline. I would love to buy it back. I traded it in at Sl Beets Pontiac dealer in Ottawa Ks….

  4. Looking for my old Bright Red 2000 Chevy Cavalier. My mom bought this when I was a year old and sold it to a neighbor when I was 18. It has been around pretty much all my life and I would love to track it down and find it so I could maybe buy it back. The VIN is 1G1JC1242Y7304069 if anyone is able to find it pleass contact my gmail: Thanks!

  5. I bought a 1967 Camaro back in 1972 from Ryan Chevrolet sales in west memphis,ar. It was metallic blue with dark vynal top and hail damage on the hood.charles and Margie wards took my car and they’re the last ones that I seen with it.

  6. We are all getting older and nostalgic about vehicles we had previously owned for sentimental reasons because it either reminds us of-
    our first date
    we had fun with it
    it was our first car
    we had our first experience in it, you know what I am talking about.
    reminded us of our youth we did not appreciate at the time
    there are countless reasons that we all have one.
    I am in the same boat.
    Good luck to you all.
    I had a 1973 silver gray hatchback chevy Vega that I customized with headers, air shocks, largest hood scoop if could find from the JC Whitney catalog and Flames painted around the front and rear wheel wells with the American flags around the bottom of the doors and around the rear hatch back. It looked like a street dragster but had the factory 4 Cylinder Many guys wanted to race so I used to floor it for the 1st. 1/4 mile and then ease off to let them pass. Little did they know that it was all show and no go. The car was silver gray with the real wide black factory stripes that ran from the front to the back. I am sure this is hopeless to find that car. I was living in Richfield, Minnesota when I sold it it 1976.
    Please contact me at if you have it or just want to shoot the breeze.

  7. In 1978 I had a 1964 Plymouth 4 door Fury. White with a wrecked front left finder. It had a knock in the engine. Bad tinted job on back window. Large Plymouth letters on each side on back quarters.

  8. Looking for my dads 1965 GTO 2 door hard top. Factory gold with black interior. Vin number is 237375k107187. Last seen Laketown Utah in late 1973. Finders fee paid

  9. Sold my 79 dodge magnum XE GT. With the original 360 magnum engine. All white with red gt stripe that went down sides and over roof. Had gt lettering in stripe next to rear courtesy windows and red interior with wood grain console and gauge cluster. Whoever bought this car would have purchased it from RUSK AUTO SALES in Mansfield or Mahomet Illinois. I was told it went down south somewhere in Tennessee. Would love to hear from someone who knows about this car.

  10. Looking for a 1968 Chevelle Malibu was second owner black on black vin 136378K168708 will pay a finders fee for the car. Car was in warsaw indiana at a dealers lot in 2001 or 2002 last time i saw it. Would like to buy it and if its not for sale at least look at it. thanks, appreciate any effort it finding this vehicle.

  11. looking for my dads 1971 VW Square back yellow, he painted it himself. Lowered with a hood bra. He sold it about 15 years ago in California, he thinks in Rancho Cucamonga. Tinted windows with a glass pack on the exhaust. Please contact if you know anything. I should have the vin soon.

  12. Looking for my 75 Camero. I traded it for a Jeep CJ7 back in around 1990-1992. I believe up north in PA. My Camero was all black with mag wheels, automatic and spoiler. If you still have it…please contact me.

  13. 7/5/20
    In Mid 1964, I owned a 1963 Chevy Impala SS Black with Black
    Interior. It had a 425 h.p., 4speed
    with a 3:36 posi rear. I traded it in
    In Mid 1964 at Reedman Chevy in
    Langhorne, Pennsylvania.
    If any one knows it’s whereabouts
    or history, I would appreciate a
    an email.
    Thank You,
    Don G. Ledgard


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