5 Things You Should Know About Google Self-Driving Car Technology


Self-driving cars are going to be the technology of the future. Google has already been dominating the innovation behind this technology. So far, Google has already built and tested several of their own self-driving cars which have driven over 1.6 million miles. During all these tests, their cars have never caused any accidents on any roads. In fact, they have the ability to swerve and avoid other people, cars, and objects that are in front of them.

Like many people, you probably have a lot of questions about this self-driving car technology that Google has invented. It is still in the testing phase and there are a lot of legal hurdles that must be dealt with before self-driving cars are a common thing on the road. However, if this technology can ever be perfected, it could save a lot of lives because you will no longer have to worry about drunk drivers or simply bad drivers who cause accidents. The computer of the vehicle will do all the work for the driver as they just sit back and relax.

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The Top 5 Things You Should Know

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-driving cars which should be cleared up. Below are the top 5 things you should know about these cars, so you know what to expect from them.

  1. Cautious – You might think not having control over your vehicle is scary, but the Google self-driving cars are actually very safe on the road. They drive slowly just like a student driver would when they get behind the wheel for the first time. This means the cars take long stops at a stop sign and ensure the traffic is clear before turning at an intersection. The maximum speed of these vehicles right now is 25 mph. So, you won’t see them doing interstate driving anytime soon.
  2. Cute Design – The engineers at Google gave their self-driving vehicles a cute design by making the front look like a face. Its headlights look like two eyes and it has a nose in between the headlights. The engineers designed it this way so that other drivers would not be alarmed when seeing this vehicle drive on the road. There is a spiritual essence to the look of this car that really doesn’t make you that afraid of it.
  3. Can’t Handle All Conditions – Self-driving cars can only handle so many environmental conditions while on the road. They’re programmed to drive on certain roads that have been mapped out for them. These cars cannot travel on unmapped roads and they have no concept of roads which have snow or ice on them. This means they won’t know how to handle rough weather conditions which might require a normal person to slow down at certain times. They can’t even handle parking garages either.
  4. No Pedals or Steering Wheel – The newer models of Google self-driving cars don’t even have any pedals or steering wheel. This might make some people nervous because if the computer operating the car were to malfunction, then the human in the car wouldn’t be able to take over manual control. However, the “Chauffeur” software which operates the vehicle can still be controlled by manually pressing buttons.
  5. Battery Operated – Google’s self-driving cars have also revolutionized the way vehicles are powered. These cars get 100% of their electricity and power from batteries rather than from gasoline. The only downside is the vehicles can only drive about 100 miles before they need to be recharged again. But this is perfect for people who just drive around town and don’t have to go very far.

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