P0014 Code (Exhaust Camshaft Position Timing Over Advanced Bank 1)


The exhaust camshaft is responsible for controlling the valves which contain and release carbon emissions. The engine control unit is the computer which controls the timing and position of the exhaust camshaft.

However, sometimes there will be situations where the timing of the camshaft is advanced or held back more than what the engine control unit wanted. If that occurs, the powertrain control module will generate the following code: P0014.

What Does Code P0014 Mean?

Specifically, trouble code P0014 refers to position B of exhaust camshaft bank 1. If the engine control unit tries to regulate this camshaft but it advances or retards more than commanded to, then trouble code P0014 will be generated.

Most vehicles will not display this code on the dashboard screen. You’ll have to use a diagnostic scanner to read the code from the powertrain control module. But how will you ever know to check for this particular issue?

Symptoms of Code P0014

Fortunately, the symptoms of the problem are easy to recognize. Even though the dashboard won’t display the trouble code, it will still illuminate the “Check Engine” warning light.

This is the first warning sign that something is wrong, although it is too broad to determine the exact problem.

However, if your engine becomes too hard to start, this is a sign that your camshaft position has advanced too much and cannot get out of that position. Either that or your engine might be a bit rough as it is running.

It could even stall altogether. If these things don’t happen, then your engine will generate too many emissions and you will end up failing your emissions test.

On top of that, your fuel economy will suffer because the camshaft is not positioned properly.

Causes of Code P0014

There are several causes for trouble code P0014 to exist. The engine control unit may have made the camshaft fall back to a reduced timing level, causing the exhaust camshaft to advance more.

The thickness of the oil may be clogging the passageways and restricting the oil flow as it enters and leaves the camshaft phasers.

Perhaps the camshaft phaser has advanced too much and got stuck in that position. There are all problems that only an auto mechanic is qualified to diagnose.

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Do not attempt to make any replacements or modifications yourself because there are many variables here which can interfere with the camshaft position.

Unless you are trained to look for them, you better not attempt to do it alone.


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