Trouble Code: P0106 (MAP/Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem)


The powertrain control module is the central computer of any modern vehicle. It communicates with all different kinds of sensors which exist in the vehicle. Based on the information it receives, the module can keep all systems of the vehicle functioning properly. One particular thing that the module watches closely is the engine load. The module communicates with the manifold absolute pressure sensor in order to do this.

When the load on the engine changes, the pressure of the manifold changes too. Every time this change occurs, the MAP sensor sends this information back to the powertrain control module. A normal situation is when the engine load changes first and then the manifold pressure changes afterward. An engine load change could be viewed as a change in the engine speed, throttle angle, and the recirculation flow of the exhaust fumes. But if the module detects that the manifold pressure changed quickly without any change to the engine load, then it means there is a problem.

Trouble Code P0106

The powertrain control module will generate trouble code p0106 if the manifold pressure changes before the engine load. This may happen if the MAP sensor has gone bad or is not receiving the correct amount of voltage output to effectively communicate with the module. Don’t forget that the fuel injection system of your vehicle depends on the MAP sensor so that it can function properly too. If the MAP sensor is malfunctioning, then it could cause all kinds of problems for the engine.

The main symptom experienced is a weak engine performance. You may step on the accelerator to go faster, but the engine will not generate enough power to do so. Expect the engine to run rough and have trouble being idle. More gasoline will be consumed too, leaving you with a bigger gas bill and a weak fuel economy. As the problem gets worse, black smoke could start coming out of the tailpipe.

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The only thing you can do to remedy this situation is to replace your MAP sensor. The cost will be anywhere from $120 to $200. The parts cost will be around $90 to $120 while the labor will be anywhere from $30 to $80. It is not an expensive job to have done and it shouldn’t take long for the mechanic to finish it. Therefore, you have no excuses to procrastinate in replacing your sensor. If you wait too long, irreversible damage might be done to your engine.


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