Explained Trouble Code: P0306 (Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected)


The internal combustion engines of vehicles have a different number of cylinders in them. Some vehicles only have 4 cylinders while others have 6 or 8 cylinders. The combustion process of the air and fuel mixture takes place in each one of these cylinders. As you probably know, this is how engines generate the power that is necessary to accelerate a vehicle and spin its wheels. High-performance cars are often described as having V6 or V8 engines because they have more cylinders to produce more power for the vehicle.

When an engine misfire occurs, it means that the air and fuel mixture inside one of the cylinders has failed to ignite. In many cases, there is usually just one cylinder that misfires. This will allow the engine to still generate some power, but not as much to sustain the acceleration needs of the driver. You won’t be able to tell which cylinder misfired until you run a diagnostic scanning check on the power control module.

Trouble Code P0306

If the diagnostic scanner detects trouble code P0306, this means that the 6th cylinder of the engine has misfired. This can be described as cylinder 6 or the number 6 cylinder. The cause of this problem is likely due to a bad spark plug or ignition coil. For instance, the number 6 cylinder has its own spark plugs and ignition coil just like every other cylinder in the engine. If the ignition coil were to have an open circuit or crack in its insulation, this could cause a misfire in that cylinder. Insulation cracks can also affect the performance of the spark plugs too.

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When it comes to engine issues like this, it is important for the mechanic to know which cylinder is causing the misfire. This is how they will be able to investigate the problem faster and more accurately. Once trouble code P0306 comes up on their scanner, they will immediately check that cylinder’s ignition coil and spark plugs to see if they’re in good condition or not. If they are in good condition, then another problem near these components might be occurring.

Sometimes oil might leak from the valve cover and flow through the holes of the spark plugs. The oil will prevent any ignition if it gets inside the spark plugs. In rarer cases, the number 6 cylinder will have compression issues due to its bad valves and rings. Whatever the cause is, do not postpone getting your engine checked and fixed. Otherwise, it could cause permanent damage the longer you wait.



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