Engine Code: P0463 (Fuel Level Sensor a Circuit High Input)


When you look at the fuel gauge on your dashboard, have you ever wondered how it reads the level of gas in your fuel tank? Well, there is a special sensor in the fuel tank called a fuel level sensor which detects the gas level.

And, because this is an electronic sensor, it is able to feed this information to the powertrain control module of the vehicle. If you are ever getting low on gas, the module will be able to detect this and let you know it with a warning on the dashboard.

Engine Code P0463

There may be a situation where the fuel level sensor tells the powertrain control module that more gas is in the tank than there really is. If this happens, the module will know this because the voltage of the input signals from the sensor will be higher than normal. As a result, the module will generate trouble code P0463. It should also activate the “Check Engine” warning light on the dashboard.

If you look at your fuel gauge, you might see the needle moving too far toward “Full” or too far toward “Empty.” Do not expect to get an accurate fuel gauge reading while all this is going on. This can make driving extremely dangerous because you won’t know how much fuel you really have left. So, you’ll want to remedy this situation as fast as possible.


There are a plethora of reasons as to why this problem could exist. The simplest reason may be due to a faulty circuit in the fuel level sensor. Either that or the sensor itself is faulty or damaged. If the sensor got too damaged, it could end up floating in the fuel tank.

Other possible reasons may include corrosion in the fuel tank or a glitch with the powertrain control module. It is rare for the module to be glitchy, so the problem will likely revolve around the fuel tank or the fuel level sensor itself.

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Cost to Fix

The average replacement cost of a fuel level sensor is about $450 to $550. The part itself only costs about $100, but the labor costs will be hundreds of dollars more. If you are experienced with repairing vehicles, you might want to consider doing this job yourself. It will save you about $300 or $400.

But if you are not sure how to do it, then it is always better to go to a professional mechanic and have them do it.


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