Engine Code: P2096 (Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1)


There are oxygen sensors positioned all throughout the exhaust system of a vehicle. Their job is to keep track of the air levels within the exhaust fumes of the system.

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As these sensors detect the air level, they send this information to the powertrain control module. From there, the module will know how much air and fuel to let into the engine cylinders for combustion purposes.

Once the air and fuel mixture is ignited, the engine generates the power needed to satisfy the demands of the driver.

Engine Code P2096

Whenever too much air is detected in one of the engine cylinders, the oxygen sensors will send this information to the powertrain control module. If it is confirmed that the number one cylinder has less fuel and more air than is needed for combustion, the powertrain control module will generate trouble code P2096.

The air-to-fuel ratio will be considered lean by the module, so it tries to tell you this with the P2096 engine code.

When there is not enough fuel in the cylinder to balance the ratio, the computer is automatically programmed to add more fuel. This will cause you to consume more gasoline than normal, resulting in an increase in your gas expenses. Furthermore, one of your gas lines or hoses may have a leak in it. That could be the cause of more air than fuel being in the cylinder.

You will know there is a problem once your fuel economy drops quickly. This will be followed by weaker acceleration and regular engine misfires and idles. The “Check Engine” warning light might illuminate while all this is happening too. Do not take anything to chance because these conditions could result in a damaged engine if you let them continue on for too long.

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The way to fix this problem is to ensure that the proper amount of fuel can enter the number one cylinder. This will reduce the air intake of the cylinder and allow the air-to-fuel ratio to balance out like normal.

The fuel movement is always responsible for how much air enters the cylinder. If there is anything which restricts the fuel flow, this will certainly result in trouble code P2096 being generated.

Possible causes of fuel flow restriction include a bad fuel pressure regulator, a faulty fuel pump, or clogged fuel filter. These are easy problems to fix if you simply know to look for them. A professional mechanic can take care of them cheaply for you once they’ve confirmed trouble code P2096 has been generated by the powertrain control module.


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