Negative and Positive Camber Symptoms & Effects in Your Vehicle

Camber refers to the wheel’s vertical position with respect to the surface of the road that you are driving on. A negative camber takes place when the uppermost part of both front wheels start to incline on the inside towards the centerline of the frames or chassis. A positive camber takes place when the topmost … Read more

Top 5 Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Modern day vehicles have very complex designs than the cars of the 20th century, incorporating more computer electronics, silicon chips, sophisticated engines, and innovative bodywork. However, the same basic car care still applies to all kinds of vehicles, and can extend the life and resilience of your vehicle. Car maintenance is one of the precautionary … Read more

Average Cost of Four Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is a very important procedure that prevents the wheels and tires of your car from vibrating while spinning on the road. Getting a perfect balance calls for the checking of any heavy spots at the point where the wheels and tires combine. After identifying such spots, the mechanics can compensate for it by … Read more

Negative and Positive Caster Symptoms & Effects

What is caster? Caster refers to the degree of the steering wheel showing exactly how close it is to the vertical axis, either forward or backwards when observed from either side of the vehicle. A shopping cart’s front wheels give the perfect example of caster. The carts have a huge degree of positive caster, which … Read more

Automatic Transmission Slipping Symptoms

Automatic Transmission Slipping in your car can leave you stuck unexpectedly and can even lead to the preventable rebuilding of a new transmission. However, with some basic knowledge about the warning signs and symptoms of automatic transmission slipping, you completely avoid the high expenses towards repairing your cars transmission. A vehicle’s transmission helps to control … Read more

Clogged Fuel Filter Symptoms in Your Vehicle

Since you started learning about cars, have you ever examined the amount of dust, debris as well as other related particles that find their way into the fuel tank? You will feel very devastated when you realize the damage that the dirt can cause if they find their way towards the fuel pump of your … Read more

The Purpose of a Radiator Coolant Overflow Tank

How a Coolant Overflow Tank Works and How It Can Prevent Rust Formation Inside the Cooling System The cooling systems of a car may seem to work fine without any additional equipment attached to it but that will not save the cooling systems of your car from the environmental damage like rust due to the … Read more

Compatibility of DOT 5 Brake Fluid

The brake fluids are the ones which make the proper functionality of the brakes possible making them an integral part of a vehicle. Since the brakes in every vehicle are dependent on the brake fluids, it’s important to understand and comprehend their chemical nature. Understanding their chemical nature does not mean that you have to … Read more

Symptoms of Burnt Automatic Transmission Fluid

As soon as a car owner or driver senses an odor of some burning transmission fluid, this definitely becomes a call for servicing your car parts. Even though it mostly occurs with specific cars than in other makes and models, as long as you have driven your car for longer periods without proper servicing, transmission … Read more