Fuel Filter Function and Replacement Cost

The functions of a fuel filter A fuel filter cleans the fuel of any impurities like dust particles or any form of debris present in the fuel tank small enough to travel into the fuel filter. The purpose of the fuel filter is to clean the fuel of such impurities before it reaches the pump. … Read more

How to Clean a Car Air Conditioner Filter (and How NOT to)

The air conditioner filter are one of the parts on the category of the filter which are mostly overlooked and are neglected because of their more popular and under the attention cousins like the fuel filter and air filter (which supply clean for the air-fuel mixture to the engine). However, if the air conditioner filter … Read more

Bad and Dirty Air Filter Symptoms

The air filter of a car may be a small and inexpensive part but that small and inexpensive part is essential to the fuel economy and performance of a car. A clean air filter is counted among the basic needs of a car for it to function properly. There are numerous advantages and benefits that … Read more

Symptoms of a Faulty Speed Sensor in Your Vehicle

2 common types of vehicle speed sensor, some type is installed on rear transmission or transaxle, and another type is installed on the knuckle arm on the 4 wheels. Please note this, between vehicle speed and engine speed are different. The engine speed taking data from crankshaft position sensor that give the information of engine spin. … Read more

Top 4 Causes of a Car Engine That Cranks But Won’t Start

If you own a car, you might have come across the problem of your car not starting. You can feel so frustrated, especially when you repeatedly turn the car key in the ignition and your car simply does not power on itself. However, as desperate as you may feel, it is advisable that you don’t … Read more

Average Wheel Alignment Cost

The Importance of Knowing the Average Wheel Alignment Cost of Your Vehicle The main purpose of a wheel alignment is to ensure that the wheels of your vehicle runs in a consistent way to each other so that both the front and rear wheels touch the road at similar angles. Well aligned wheels helps you … Read more

Common Parts of an Automatic Transmission

A car that uses automatic transmission there are a number of unfamiliar term such as automatic transmission vacuum modulator. Actually a car with an automatic system uses a hydraulic control system of an automatic transmission which has several components such as clutch friction, steel bands, hydraulic pistons, spring-loaded valve, sensors and engine load shift valve. … Read more

4 Common Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems

Cars with automatic transmission indeed have their own fans for prospective customers, especially women who are married. The vehicle system is admittedly easier and more convenient for those who have mobility or more activity, especially road conditions more frequently jammed lately. A number of reasons it was enough to make the position of the car … Read more

How Does VTEC Work?

Not everyone knows what it stands Vtec, but probably almost everyone has read Vtec on vehicle sales brochure. Then what is it? And how Vtec works? Vtec ia an abbreviation of variable valve timing and Lift Electronic Control. Vtec is a regulator valve technology discovered by Honda and still used by a range Honda engines … Read more

Common Causes of the ABS Light Coming On

The ABS is an abbreviation for the Antilock Brake System. The ABS is one of the devices in your car that are responsible for the safe driving and your control over the car in case of any emergencies. The first symptom If the ABS system have problem is: The ABS light comes on. For more information … Read more