P0037 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0037 code

In the world of the modern automobile, matters have gotten far more technical in nature than one could have imagined only decades prior. Vehicles now come equipped with a host of special components, designed to increase combustion efficiency, and reduce noxious exhaust output. The bulk of these components provide feedback of one sort or another, … Read more

How to Use a Floor Jack Like a Pro (Step-by-Step)

floor jack safety

Most car owners are well aware of the importance surrounding thorough vehicle maintenance and upkeep. After all, the purchase of a vehicle serves as a substantial investment and should be protected at all costs. From changing a vehicle’s oil to swapping out brake pads, there is plenty of periodic maintenance required of the average motorist. … Read more

P0400 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0400 code

Though life is full of uncertainties, one fact that we can be sure of is that our vehicles, no matter how well maintained they are, will experience the occasional mechanical issue. For most, such issues tend to arise when least expected, especially when we already find ourselves juggling extremely busy schedules. Frustrated to no end, … Read more

Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot? (or Just a Myth?)

is it illegal to drive barefoot?

Somewhere along the line, this rumor got started that it’s illegal to drive barefoot. While we can’t track down any laws in the United States that make it illegal, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Just like driving with both feet can lead to problems, driving barefoot brings its own host of concerns that … Read more

P0351 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0351 code

As much as we wish for our vehicles to operate without issue, the odd mechanical issue does tend to arise from time to time. Unfortunately, this comes with the territory and serves as a point of aggravation for an untold number of motorists on an annual basis. One must simply overcome the issue at hand, … Read more

Bank 1 vs Bank 2 (How to Locate O2 Sensors)

bank 1 vs bank 2 O2 sensor

During the 1970s, domestic automotive manufacturers began equipping their vehicles with a range of new and innovative components, intended to reduce exhaust emissions. This came in response to new governmental oversight of the era, which included the implementation of numerous environmentally conscious mandates. As such technology progressed, a number of sensors were designed to provide … Read more

Ants In Your Car? (7 Ways to Get Rid of Them)

how to get rid of ants in a car

Creepy crawlies have no business being in your car—we can all agree on that. But the question remains: why the hell is there an infestation in the first place? Was it the peanut butter cup you dropped in that crevice in-between the driver’s seat and the center console? Or was it the soda-covered bottle cap … Read more

Riding the Clutch (Is It Really That Bad?)

don't rid the clutch

“Man, that footrest feels amazing,” your buddy says with a grin, driving your mint-condition 1969 Porsche 911. You continue observing the open road until the thought hits you “this car doesn’t have a footrest.” He was RIDING THE CLUTCH! Your heart stops. Imagine all the damage he could be doing! Fear not, dear reader, for … Read more

P0606 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0606 code

Nobody ever wishes to experience vehicle issues or breakdowns while traveling from one point to the next. However, in certain cases, problems of this nature are simply unavoidable. When the unfortunate does occur, one is left to determine how best to remedy such issues, by the most expedited means possible. Luckily, in many cases, the … Read more