How Do Pedestrian Sensors and Protection Systems in Cars Work?

Last Updated on January 16, 2019

A new working principle in car technology today is the pedestrian sensing and protection system. This system will be able to automatically detect when a person is walking in front of your vehicle within a close distance. For example, let’s say you’re driving through an intersection and a person is walking across the street in front of you. If you aren’t paying attention to the road or if you turn your head away for just a few seconds, then you might not see them walking. This could result in you hitting them with your vehicle. However, with the pedestrian sensing and protection system, the car’s sensors will detect that the person is close by and then automatically apply the emergency brake to stop the vehicle.  The driver does not have to do anything.

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Top 3 Features

This car technology is still a working principle and it has a lot of bugs and tests that still need to be worked out before it is available in mainstream cars. Below are the top 3 features you can expect to see from this technology when it is finally integrated into cars of the future.

  1. Sensors – The car will know when someone is walking in front of your vehicle. If they are less than 10 feet away, the emergency brake will be applied to stop the vehicle from hitting them.
  2. Video Camera – Some versions of this system will utilize video camera technology to detect a person in front of your vehicle. It will be able to recognize the distance and movement of the person instantly and then apply the brake when the vehicle gets too close.
  3. Automatic Braking – Up until now, you would have to slam on your brakes when you notice someone passing in front of your car. If your reaction time isn’t fast enough, you will still end up hitting the person anyway. The automatic braking of this protection system will ensure that the brakes are applied at the earliest time possible in order to avoid hitting the person.

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Of course, there is no technology that can replace a human driver who pays attention to the people around them. However, with all the distractions that people have from their smartphones and other electronic devices, they are paying less attention to the road now. In order to reduce the number of accidents with pedestrians, this pedestrian sensing and protection system will surely save lives if the principle is implemented into all cars in the near future.


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