A/C Compressor Clutch Not Engaging? (8 Possible Causes)

A/C clutch not engaging

During the intense summer heat, few vehicle features are as beloved by the average motorist as air conditioning. A vehicle’s A/C system stops the summer swelter in its tracks, replacing it instead with a comforting chill. Today’s modern A/C systems even feature dual-climate control, allowing each of a vehicle’s occupants to set the in-cabin temperature … Read more

3 Symptoms of a Bad A/C Compressor (and Replacement Cost)

bad AC compressor symptoms

Ah, the wind in your face, the road signs passing by as you drive down Route 25. You know where you’re going, you always know because you’re going to work! You do this every day and it’s the heat of summer when you’d rather be at the beach. No matter, you need money and it’s … Read more