6 Reasons Your Car A/C Smells Bad (and What to Do About It)

car ac smells bad

There are two seasons in the life of your car, truck, or SUV where the interior can smell bad. The first may occur following several years of smell-free ownership. The second may take place immediately following purchase if you have bought a pre-owned vehicle. In either case, the result is the air coming from your … Read more

Does Running Your Car A/C Use Gas?

does A/C use gas?

Should I drive with the windows down or blast the air conditioning? Most people don’t think about it and just go about their daily drive, but chances are if you’ve found this article, you’re a bit of a thinker. So, what’s more efficient? Driving with your A/C on or with the windows down? This article … Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Car’s A/C Is Not Blowing Cold Air

car A/C not blowing cold air

During much of the summer, sweltering heat befalls a significant portion of the country, turning the afternoon commute into quite an uncomfortable affair. Luckily, the majority of all vehicles now come standard with air conditioning (A/C), which has the ability to stop this stifling heat in its tracks.  However, it is worth noting that such … Read more