7 Symptoms of a Bad Camshaft Position Sensor (and Replacement Cost)

bad camshaft position sensor

The camshaft position sensor (CMP) is just one of the many electrical parts found in a vehicle. We’ll go over what this component is, the symptoms of a bad camshaft position sensor, and what you can expect its replacement cost to be when it’s faulty. A lot of people confuse the camshaft position sensor with … Read more

Trouble Code: P0014 (Exhaust Camshaft Position Timing Over Advanced Bank 1)

The exhaust camshaft is responsible for controlling the valves which contain and release carbon emissions. The engine control unit is the computer which controls the timing and position of the exhaust camshaft. However, sometimes there will be situations where the timing of the camshaft is advanced or held back more than what the engine control … Read more