How to Clean a Car A/C Filter (Cabin Filter) and How NOT to

The air conditioner filter, also known as the cabin filter, is one of the most overlooked and neglected filters in a vehicle. This is mainly because of their more popular and critical cousins such as the oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter. However, if the cabin filter is not regularly cleaned or replaced, it … Read more

5 Useful and Easy Tips to Clean Your Car Headlights

Ever been driving at night and noticed that your headlights aren’t emitting a bright enough light for you to see clearly? You might think something is wrong with your battery or with your headlights themselves. However, it may just be that your headlights are covered with dirt and debris which is blocking the lights from … Read more

5 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners to Maintain Your Engine Performance

Every vehicle has a fuel injection system in it. The function of a fuel injector is to spray gasoline into the engine, so it can sustain the internal combustion process. However, these fuel injectors will get cluttered with debris as time goes on. Contaminants like wax, dirt, carbon particles and additives will negatively influence the … Read more

Bad and Dirty Air Filter Symptoms

The air filter of a car may be a small and inexpensive part but that small and inexpensive part is essential to the fuel economy and performance of a car. A clean air filter is counted among the basic needs of a car for it to function properly. There are numerous advantages and benefits that … Read more

How to Clean Fuel Injectors

The fuel injectors are the parts of the engine which are responsible for spraying a mist of mixed air and fuel into the intake valve of the engine from where the mixture goes into the piston cylinders for the combustion. The ECU (engine control unit) determines the amount of fuel which is pushed into the … Read more