Pros and Cons of MacPherson Vs Double Wishbone Suspension

Every vehicle has a suspension system in it. The purpose of a suspension system is to attach the wheels to the entire vehicle which they are moving. The suspension system is comprised of several parts and components, such as the linkages, tires, shock absorbers, the air in the tires, steering system, joints, bearings, bushings, and … Read more

Difference Between Supercharger Vs Turbocharger (Pros & Cons)

The engine of any vehicle depends on compressed air pressure to generate the power it needs to run properly. As the flow of air passes into the vehicle’s engine, it uses a forced induction system to compress that air. This will boost the power of the engine by as much as 50%. There are two … Read more

The Difference Between DOT 3 Vs DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is something that all vehicles have. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a motorcycle, truck, or an economy car. The job of brake fluid is to move the crucial components of your braking system which are responsible for slowing down your vehicle when you press on the brake pedal. Basically, the fluid causes … Read more

Ceramic vs Organic Brake Pads Comparison

The brake pads of an automobile are what grip the disc brake in order to allow the driver to slow down and stop the vehicle. The two most common brake pad types are organic brake pads and ceramic brake pads. Organic Brake Pads Natural materials such as rubber and glass are used to manufacture organic … Read more

Electric vs Hydraulic Power Steering

Power steering is a system in cars that makes it easier for drivers to steer their wheels by assisting them with the torque. The traditional form of power steering is hydraulic power steering, which consists of hoses, drive belt, fluid, a pulley and a pump. Basically, it works by having the pump attached to the … Read more

Limited Slip Differential vs Locking Differential

Locking differentials and limited-slip differentials both serve similar functions, but they also have some differences as well. They both get installed onto the axles of a car in order to give the wheels better traction while enduring rough environments, like dirt roads, which can cause one of the wheels to spin and break traction. If … Read more

Conventional vs Synthetic Blend vs Full Synthetic Oil Comparison

When you go to get your oil change service done you probably don’t think too much about whether they’re putting conventional oil or synthetic oil into your vehicle. But it is important to know what type of oil your car’s manufacturer recommends for your vehicle because it will help prolong the functionality and the lifespan … Read more

Iridium vs Platinum Spark Plugs

Whether they are mechanics or not, many people already know something about what a spark plug is. A spark plug is an important component in a vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, or really any other equipment which contains an internal combustion engine. A spark plug is what allows the engine to ignite electrically, … Read more

Diesel Engine vs Gasoline Engine Comparison

Internal combustion engines have truly been a hallmark of 20th century invention and innovation. They have powered cars, trucks, aircraft, boats, and much more. These are machines that are the workhorse of the modern era, so it helps to know a bit about how they function, and what characterizes their operation. The fact of the … Read more

The Differences Between Semi-Floating vs Full Floating Axles

The wheels of any vehicle would not be able to rotate without certain components called axles. There are two possible locations for where these axles could be installed. They are either installed on the body of the vehicle or on the wheels. Either way, they allow the wheels to rotate so that the driver can … Read more