3 Symptoms of a Bad Differential (and Replacement Cost)

Today’s vehicles are nothing short of a mechanical marvel, featuring an ever-growing list of stringently engineered components that make it possible to travel efficiently. Each of these components must operate in harmony with one another at all times, in order … Read more

AWD vs 4WD (Is There a Difference?)

AWD vs 4WD

Go shopping for a vehicle, especially an SUV, and you may find all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) recorded as the available choices. In both cases, power goes to all four wheels when these systems are running. While these … Read more

Average Front and Rear Differential Repair Cost

differential repair cost

A vehicle’s differential (or diff), whether front (FWD), rear (RWD), or both (AWD and 4WD), helps deliver power to the axle(s) and regulates how fast each wheel rotates. Like any other component of a drivetrain, differential problems may arise over … Read more