Why is There Oil in My Intake Manifold (or Throttle Body)?

oil in intake manifold

This article will discuss engines installed in automobiles sold in the United States since 1961. Engines built since that year will include a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system, developed to help reduce engine emissions under regulations placed in effect at that time by the Federal Government. Positive crankcase ventilation eliminated crankcase venting systems that simply … Read more

P2004 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P2004 code

The internal combustion engine has advanced significantly over the past 100 years. A host of technological advancements have been pioneered, many of which are aimed at reducing emissions by boosting combustion efficiency. While these advancements have proved quite beneficial as a whole, the engines powering our vehicles have become far more intricate than they were … Read more

3 Intake Manifold Leak Symptoms (and Replacement Cost)

intake manifold leak symptoms

The components of an engine have gaskets that are placed between them before they’re assembled. These gaskets act as a seal between the components so they can do their jobs properly. You’ll find gaskets are usually made out of metal, rubber, paper, or all three combined together. Out of all the gaskets in the engine, … Read more