P0304 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0304 code

Few sounds are sweet as that of a well-tuned, smooth idling engine. One cannot help but to marvel at the value of such mechanical perfection. However, even the heartiest of engines are prone to the occasional mechanical hardship. Of these issues, few are as prevalent as the dreaded misfire. Misfires are not only evident to … Read more

P0303 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0303 code

Today’s vehicles operate in a highly complex nature, relying largely upon a web of interconnected electronic systems to facilitate proper operation. Simply put, the modern vehicle is every bit as computer and data driven, as it is mechanical in nature. Luckily, such technological advancement also proves beneficial to consumers who are faced with an inoperable … Read more

P0305 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0305 code

When you start hearing weird sounds coming from your engine, you need to investigate a little bit further. Especially if your check engine light is on too, but that’s exactly what you can expect to happen if you have a P0305 code. The good news is that you can usually repair the underlying issue without … Read more

P0302 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0302 code

Throughout a lifetime, a motorist is likely to encounter their fair share of automotive issues. However, few such issues are as frustrating as the sudden illumination of a check engine light, when all else regarding your vehicle had otherwise appeared in order. For most motorists, a check engine light conjures thoughts of expensive repairs and … Read more

P0301 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

code P0301

For vehicle owners, few circumstances can be as aggravating as the sudden appearance of a check engine light across a car’s dash. In the minds of many, this signals an impending breakdown or otherwise cataclysmic event.  However, the illumination of a vehicle’s check engine light is seldom as dire as one might think, and can … Read more

4 Common Engine Misfire Causes

cylinder misfire causes

In our previous article, we went over what an engine misfire is and the common symptoms of an engine misfire. So how do you determine what is causing the engine to misfire in the first place? The combustion engine is relatively complicated as it has a lot of parts that need to work in the … Read more

6 Engine Misfire Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

It can be difficult to diagnose the reason for an engine misfire, but context gives major clues. Misfires are often intermittent and will sometimes only manifest with a specific type of fuel, environment, or engine load (how deep you’re into the gas pedal). Usually the vehicle can continue running with a misfire in one cylinder, … Read more

P0306 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0306 engine code

Vehicles are powered by the combustion of air and fuel, which takes place in different engine cylinders. This is how a vehicle generates the power it needs to accelerate and spin its wheels. A vehicle usually has 4 to 8 engine cylinders depending on its power needs. When one of these cylinders misfires, the car’s … Read more

P0300 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0300 engine code

If you’ve got a P0300 error code on your hands, brace yourself as you’re likely dealing with a complicated diagnostic and repair process. As things go, this error code can mean different things caused by different problems. What Does Code P0300 Mean? Code P0300 means that one or more engine cylinders are misfiring. An engine … Read more