P0172 Code (System Too Rich Bank 1)

P0172 engine code

Air and fuel are the heart of the internal combustion process. The proper amount of air and fuel must enter the internal combustion chamber if the ignition is going to be successful. Otherwise, you might have a situation where your engine either consumes too much fuel or under performs. The engine control unit (ECU) normally … Read more

Oxygen Sensor: Basic Function, Failure Symptoms and Replacement Cost

In this article we are going to go over a very important sensor in a car’s engine called the “oxygen sensor”.  Afterwards, you should know the basic function, working principle, bad symptoms, and average replacement cost of an oxygen sensor. How an Oxygen Sensor Works The internal combustion engine of your vehicle will always produce … Read more

Engine Code: P2096 (Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1)

There are oxygen sensors positioned all throughout the exhaust system of a vehicle. Their job is to keep track of the air levels within the exhaust fumes of the system. As these sensors detect the air level, they send this information to the powertrain control module. From there, the module will know how much air … Read more

Engine Code: P0138 (O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 1, Sensor 2)

Modern vehicles have oxygen sensors in them, also known as O2 sensors. Their overall purpose is to measure the amount of air in the exhaust system while the exhaust gases are coming out of the engine. The engine control unit is the computer which regularly monitors and communicates with these sensors. O2 sensors will tell … Read more