Bank 1 vs Bank 2 (How to Locate O2 Sensors)

bank 1 vs bank 2 O2 sensor

During the 1970s, domestic automotive manufacturers began equipping their vehicles with a range of new and innovative components, intended to reduce exhaust emissions. This came in response to new governmental oversight of the era, which included the implementation of numerous … Read more

P0130 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0130 code

The last thing anyone wants to see when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle is the check engine light staying on. But for thousands of drivers each day that’s exactly what happens. But once you get your heart … Read more

P0136 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0136 code

Vehicle technology is a far cry from what it was some 40-50 years ago. What once ran by purely mechanical means, is now directed by a highly sophisticated network of computer modules and sensors. This technology grew out of increased … Read more

P0031 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0031 code

In stark contrast to vehicles of old, today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs meter noxious chemical output through a series of self-monitoring tests. This not only reduces the global fleet’s carbon footprint but ensures the more efficient operation of all vehicles … Read more

P0036 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0036 code

Today’s vehicles are technical marvels, in comparison to those manufactured some 30-40 years prior. The modern car, truck, or SUV is completely capable of monitoring its own performance, in a bid to enhance operational efficiency. Changes to a vehicle’s fuel … Read more

P0134 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0134 code

To most, a vehicle’s onboard emissions system is quite complex. This is quite understandable, as this system features a barrage of sensors, pumps, and valves, all of which must be functioning as intended to provide an adequate reduction in noxious … Read more

P0161 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0161 code

Today’s vehicles rely upon an intricate web of electronic controls to increase operating efficiency, and to reduce emissions output. Such technology initially arose in the 1970s, under regulatory pressure from the US government, in a bid to reduce the nation’s … Read more

P0131 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0131 code

Today’s vehicles are designed to operate in the most efficient manner possible, making the most out of each combustion cycle. This is accomplished through the monitoring of engine-related data, by a dedicated engine computer, known as an ECM.  This computer … Read more