P0603 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0603 code

Due to the complexity of today’s vehicles, there are a number of functions taking place throughout our daily commute that we might not even be aware of. One of the most significant, yet often overlooked of these functions is that … Read more

P0606 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

P0606 code

Nobody ever wishes to experience vehicle issues or breakdowns while traveling from one point to the next. However, in certain cases, problems of this nature are simply unavoidable. When the unfortunate does occur, one is left to determine how best … Read more

U0100 Code (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

U0100 code

As motorists are well aware, the sudden illumination of a vehicle’s check engine light typically indicates an of one sort or another. In fact, a check engine light serves as a visual cue, signaling the storage of one or more … Read more

PCM vs ECM vs ECU vs TCM (What’s the Difference?)

PCM vs ECM vs ECU vs TCM

Before vehicle computers were invented, cars and trucks used a system of mechanical and pneumatic devices to manage systems such as valve timing and idle speed.  Now, modern vehicles have a complex system of sensors and actuators connected to computers … Read more

6 Symptoms of a Bad PCM (and Replacement Cost)

bad PCM symptoms

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is a sophisticated piece of machinery. It receives data from a range of sensors. The Engine Control Module (ECM) and the Transmission Control Module (TCM) are both examples of systems that the PCM monitors. Remarkably, … Read more