How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell From Your Car

how to get skunk smell out of car

Most people spend a fair amount of time in their vehicles, as they take vacations, commute to/from work, and run errands. Therefore, it’s only natural for one to wish for this time to be as pleasant as possible. However, few circumstances quell this notion quite as quickly as a bad smell befalling your vehicle. Within … Read more

6 Reasons Your Car A/C Smells Bad (and What to Do About It)

car ac smells bad

There are two seasons in the life of your car, truck, or SUV where the interior can smell bad. The first may occur following several years of smell-free ownership. The second may take place immediately following purchase if you have bought a pre-owned vehicle. In either case, the result is the air coming from your … Read more

Engine Oil Smells Like Gas? (6 Causes and How to Fix)

oil smells like gas

If you log enough years behind the wheel, you will inevitably find yourself faced with a number of peculiar issues. Why you might not immediately recognize the cause of such puzzling issues, you are likely to understand that something is amiss. Under these circumstances, further investigation is warranted. One scenario of this nature is that … Read more