6 Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid (You Don’t Want to Ignore)

signs of low transmission fluid

When you’re running low on transmission fluid, your vehicle cannot function the way it’s supposed to. This is because transmission fluid lubricates the surfaces and components of the transmission system to reduce friction and prevent them from wearing out. Transmission fluid is supposed to remain in your vehicle for its entire lifespan without changing it, … Read more

Tips to Check Transmission Fluid Condition (Manual & Automatic)

The engine uses oil to keep its components lubricated so that they don’t wear down and form corrosion that easily. Similarly, the transmission needs its own special lubricant known as transmission fluid to lubricate the gears of the transmission. And the article below provide a good information on how to check properly the transmission fluid … Read more

How Often to Change Transmission Fluid (Manual and Automatic)

In order for the gears inside your vehicle to have smooth movements, they rely on transmission fluid to do the job. Checking the amount of transmission fluid that you have left is similar to the way in which you check your level of engine oil. The only difference is that you check your transmission fluid … Read more