Average Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Average total costs for replacing timing belt set generally around $736 (Depend on car model)

When considering the cost of a timing belt replacement, it helps to first know a bit about what a timing belt really is. An automotive part called a “timing belt” is an engine component which connects the crankshaft at the base of the engine to the camshafts that are located at the top of the engine cylinder head. This ensures that everything moving in the engine is in sync with the other parts, keeping the movement of the engine timed correctly. In the absence of a functioning timing belt, an engine will simply stop working. The negative part for some drivers is that if a timing belt fails while the engine is operating, there is a potential for significant engine damage. This creates an incentive for drivers to make sure that they are always evaluating the integrity of their timing belts to prevent any unfortunate incidents. For the benefit of drivers everywhere, some additional information about a timing belt replacement cost will be considered here:

Things to Know When Searching For a Timing Belt

One of the primary things that a driver should consider when searching for a replacement timing belt in their car is the type of engine that their car has. Some automobiles operate using what is referred to as an “interference engine.” This is an engine type where a broken timing belt during operation can mean that there’s devastating engine damage. For this reason, knowing about your car’s engine can help prevent against severe car problems in the future. Also, knowing what is included with a timing belt can be difficult because in many cars, the timing belt is actually quite difficult to inspect. This is because the belt is located behind a protective guard plate. Timing belts should typically be changed every 50,000-100,000 miles, so this is another aspect to consider when evaluating whether or not it is time to have a timing belt replaced.

Usual Costs for Timing Belt Replacement

Depending on the type of vehicle being serviced and the shop where the service is being performed, the costs of a timing belt replacement can be around $150-$1,000 and beyond this amount. Since the timing belt is so difficult to access on some cars, this service can take a very long time to complete. With hourly mechanic labor charges being anywhere between $50 and $150 an hour, having a timing belt replaced is typically not a very cheap service to have performed on your car. For engines with multiple cams, this is going to be an even more difficult process for a mechanic and therefore, it will need to be even more expensive. However, cars with single cam engines with only four cylinders are typically much easier to change a timing belt on. It all depends on the specific vehicle being worked on. The average total costs for timing belt replacement are generally around $736 which as far as car service costs go, is fairly expensive. For this reason, it helps to be proactive about timing belt replacement.

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