10 Tips For Selling Your Car (For the Best Possible Price)

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Are you looking to sell your car or truck? Selling a vehicle is actually easier than you might think but you still have to know a few things first before making a deal.

Do not just sell your car “as-is” by slapping a price tag on it and then posting it on the internet. The only time you should sell the car “as-is” is if there is a huge problem with the car that would take thousands of dollars to fix. Of course, you will get a lot less money for the car if this is the case.

But, even so, there are still things you can do to get the best possible price for your car.

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10 Tips When Selling a Car

There are all kinds of strategies to getting a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars more for your vehicle when you sell it. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can get top dollar for your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you sell your car quickly and for the most money:

#1 – Avoid Dealerships

Car dealers are in the business of buying and selling cars. If you try to sell your car at one of them, they are going to offer you the lowest price possible to purchase your car. That way, they can resell the car on their lot while putting a bigger price tag on it.

#2 – Clean the Car

Despite what internal problems may be wrong with the car, you can always get more money when selling your car if you make it look presentable on the outside. This means washing the car, waxing the car, vacuuming the seats, removing bumper stickers, and so forth.

For higher priced cars, you may even want to repaint the car if you really want to impress buyers. Or at the very least, repaint a bumper that’s badly scratched.

#3 – Repairs

If there are minor problems with the car, such as the tail lights not working or a spark plug being bad, then do yourself a favor and fix these problems right away. Dents and scrapes on the exterior should be fixed too. They won’t cost you too much money to take care of and it will make the functionality of the car appear better to the customer.

#4 – Maintenance Reports

The one thing buyers worry about most is purchasing a used car that will end up breaking down in a few weeks. That is why you should take your car to a mechanic and get a full report on the current condition of your car. This will let buyers know what exactly needs fixing or what might need fixing in the near future. If you do this, it will help convince buyers who are having doubts to finally come forward and make the deal (assuming the report shows very few problems on it).

#5 – Price Comparisons

Don’t just make up any selling price for your vehicle. Do some research on the internet and see what a used car like yours is generally priced at. Check online auctions like eBay Motors as well as car dealership websites to see what the prices are set at for the same make and model as your car. That way, you won’t end up pricing your car too much or too little and then end up wasting your time trying to sell it or taking a loss on it.

#6 – Choose the Right Time to Sell

The timing of when you sell your car can make a big difference in how much money you’ll get for it. Generally, selling during the summer or early fall will net you the most money as that’s when demand is highest.

#7 – Set a Fair Price

Don’t try to overprice your car just because you think it’s worth more than it is. Be realistic about what it’s actually worth and price it accordingly. Doing research ahead of time will help you know what to expect.

#8 – Take Good Photos

Since most buyers will start their search online, it’s important to have good quality photos of your car that show it off in its best light. Include a mix of shots that show the exterior, interior, and engine bay.

#9 – Write a Compelling Ad

In addition to great photos, you’ll also need a well-written ad that accurately describes your car and what makes it special. Be honest about any flaws or issues and include all the important details potential buyers will want to know.

#10 – Promote Your Sale

Once you have your ad created, it’s time to promote it! Post it on popular online classifieds sites and share it on social media. The more people that see it, the better your chances of making a sale.


The hardest part about selling a car is making sure the car runs fine. As long as you have a good engine in the vehicle, every other problem or flaw can be worked out with little money.

Of course, if you are handy as a mechanic then you can save yourself some additional money and do all the repair or replacement work on your vehicle yourself. But if you are not, try to shop around for the cheapest mechanic who has a great reputation.

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