How to Flush a Radiator (and Radiator Flush Cost)

radiator flush cost

An internal combustion engine gets very hot as it runs. With so many metal components moving quickly and rubbing together inside of the engine, all that friction creates an enormous amount of heat. The engine depends on coolant to keep these components cooled down, so they do not overheat. However, the coolant does not just … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Thermostat (and Replacement Cost)

symptoms of a bad car thermostat

A car thermostat is a simple yet very important component in a vehicle’s engine. Its purpose is to control the flow of coolant to allow the engine to maintain a proper temperature under various conditions. If the component were to fail, the thermostat would usually be in what’s known as a “stuck open” or “stuck … Read more

How a Radiator Coolant Overflow Tank Works

coolant overflow tank

The cooling system of a car may seem to work fine without any additional equipment attached to it but that will not save the cooling system of your car from any environmental damage like rust due to the way coolant works in a radiator. Rust can be formed inside the cooling system of your car … Read more