4 Causes of Noise and Vibration From the Wheel Area

tire noise and vibration

The most common car problems that you will have will revolve around your tires and wheels in some way. For most people, this means having either flat tires or low tire pressure. But the most extreme problems coming from the wheel area will be when they start making strange noises and vibrations while you’re driving … Read more

6 Different Types of Constant-Velocity (CV) Joints

CV joint types

The function of constant-velocity joints, or CV joints, in a vehicle is to let power be transferred to the wheels from the transmission. Power is transmitted at a consistent speed of rotation while there is not much friction. This is why when you have a problem with a CV joint, you’ll likely experience shaking when … Read more

6 Symptoms of a Bad Driveshaft (and Replacement Cost)

The wheels of any vehicle depend on power from the engine in order to make them turn and move the vehicle. The driveshaft (also called a propeller shaft or prop-shaft) is the component which is responsible for transmitting this power from the engine to the rear wheels of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. If you are driving … Read more