Common Spark Plug Misfire Symptoms

Spark plugs are the main component of an engine’s ignition system. They ignite the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber from the electrical current it gets through the ignition coil. This ignition keeps all the cylinders in your vehicle moving, which in turn keeps the car moving. If a spark plug fails … Read more

Car Alternator Functions and Symptoms of Failure

Every car contains electrical components which must be powered in order for them to function. These components include the headlights, backlights, the dashboard instrument panel lighting, air conditioner and anything else electrical in the car. The three major components of any automotive electrical charging system are the voltage regulator, the battery, and the alternator. The … Read more

Symptoms of a Faulty Speed Sensor in Your Vehicle

2 common types of vehicle speed sensor, some type is installed on rear transmission or transaxle, and another type is installed on the knuckle arm on the 4 wheels. Please note this, between vehicle speed and engine speed are different. The engine speed taking data from crankshaft position sensor that give the information of engine spin. … Read more

Common Causes of the ABS Light Coming On

The ABS is an abbreviation for the Antilock Brake System. The ABS is one of the devices in your car that are responsible for the safe driving and your control over the car in case of any emergencies. The first symptom If the ABS system have problem is: The ABS light comes on. For more information … Read more

Power Window Regulator Repair Tips

The power window regulator is responsible for the up and down motions of the windows of a vehicle. The basic of the power window regulator is the same as that of the older crank systems with the only difference being the drive the force provider which has become a motor instead of the driver’s or … Read more