5 Symptoms of a Bad Timing Belt (and Replacement Cost)

bad timing belt

The timing belt is located in front of your vehicle’s engine. It is made of a strong rubber material which includes cords that are nylon-reinforced. That way, the timing belt’s lifespan can be preserved. While the timing belt is moving inside the motor, it is placed under a lot of stress and tends to wear … Read more

Top 6 Causes of a Car That Won’t Accelerate

reasons and causes of car not accelerating

The symptoms of a car not accelerating like it used to can occur on many high mileage vehicles. A driver might not notice these signs in normal day to day driving but they become abundantly clear when driving up a steep hill or when quickly trying to accelerate into fast moving traffic. It is in those situations … Read more

3 Symptoms of a Seized Engine (and What Causes It)

The internal combustion engine contains many small metal components which move in harmony with one another. That is why when one of these components wears out or fails, it causes all the other components to be thrown off course. What’s worse is that the engine will suffer a lot of damage once this happens. You … Read more

Engine Overheating (11 Common Causes and Symptoms)

steam from radiator

It is common knowledge that internal combustion engines generate a lot of heat as they operate. In normal situations, there are two ways in which a car engine cools down while it is running. The main way is from being exposed to coolant fluid, also known as antifreeze. This fluid is formulated to regulate the … Read more

What Happens When a Timing Chain Breaks While Driving

broken timing chain

The timing chain is a critical component of the internal combustion engine. Its function is to keep the camshaft and crankshaft rotating together at the same speed. This enables the valves of the engine to open and close at precisely the right times. These are the valves responsible for allowing air and fuel to flow … Read more

3 Bad Idle Air Control Valve Symptoms (and Replacement Cost)

bad idle air control valve

In this article, we’re going to talk about one part in the engine system called the “Idle Air Control Valve” or in some country also known as idle speed control valve (ISCV) or idle speed stabilizer. I hope after read this article, you will know the basic function, bad symptoms, the average replacement cost and … Read more

6 Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator (and Replacement Cost)

bad fuel pressure regulator symptoms

Fuel injectors supply the combustion chamber of the engine with the proper amount of fuel it needs for combustion with air. The fuel is distributed to the injectors through the fuel pressure regulator. This regulator not only manages the amount of fuel that gets sent to the injectors, it also manages the pressure of the … Read more

Water in the Gas Tank (Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix)

water in gas tank symptoms

It is possible for water to get into your vehicle’s gas tank when you’re pumping new gas into it at the gas station. The weather outside can also cause condensation to form which puts water in your gas tank as well. Whichever way it happens, when water gets into a vehicle’s gas tank, it needs … Read more