Electronic Stability Control Technology

Electronic stability control technology is designed to enhance the stability of a vehicle and to help it maintain traction on the road. Since it is electronic, you probably guessed that it uses a computerized technology to detect when the car … Read more

5 Advantages of Drive-by-Wire Technology in a Car

drive by wire technology

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of “drive-by-wire” technology. Drive-by-wire is a method of controlling a car’s throttle and brakes electronically, without the use of traditional mechanical linkages. This technology is becoming increasingly common in new cars, and … Read more

6 Cars with Brake By Wire Technology

brake by wire tech

Brake by wire technology is a type of car braking technology where the brakes are powered and controlled by electricity. You will see brake by wire technology in a lot of the newer electric cars and hybrid cars. Formula 1 … Read more

How an Internal Combustion Engine Works

4 stroke cycle engine

Internal combustion is based on the idea that you can create lots of energy when you burn gasoline in a small enclosed area. When you are able to harness the expanding gas that comes from this process, then you have … Read more