How Long Do Hybrid Car Batteries Last? (Average Lifespan)

hybrid car battery lifetime

Over the last couple of decades, a revolution of sorts has taken place in the automotive industry. Hybrid electric vehicles are now offered in abundance, by nearly all of the top auto manufacturers including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Lexus, and many others. While such a notion might have seemed like a work of science-fiction thirty … Read more

Hybrid Car Costs (Compared to Gasoline)

hybrid car costs

There is a big debate over the cost efficiency between a hybrid vehicle and a gasoline vehicle. Some people seem to think that hybrid vehicles are more cost efficient because they consume less gasoline and won’t require you to purchase more gasoline as frequently. Others feel that hybrid vehicles themselves are too expensive for the … Read more

How do Hybrid Cars Work? (5 Main Parts of a Hybrid Vehicle)

hybrid car maintenance

Most drivers in the world have never driven a hybrid vehicle before. Only a small percentage understand that they run via an internal combustion gasoline engine and a battery-powered electric motor. But few of them know how this combination actually makes the car function. The truth is that drivers get a choice between how much … Read more

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars (Are They Worth It?)

hybrid cars pros and cons

There is a lot of confusion out there about hybrid cars. From an overall perspective, they seem like a great piece of technology because they work by utilizing the power of a gasoline engine and combine it with the power of an electric motor. This doesn’t mean the vehicle itself is an electric car. It … Read more

Top 5 Driving Tips For Hybrid Cars

hybrid car driving tips

Hybrid cars seem like they are going to be the norm of the future. There are already a lot of people driving hybrid cars on the road and there are bound to be even more as time goes on. Like anything, they’re not perfect, but fans of hybrids believe that their pros outweigh their cons. … Read more