The Average Steering Column Replacement Cost

All vehicles have a component called a steering column which controls how the automobile steers, amongst other things. On the steering column, you will find the windshield wipers, turn signals, and ignition switch. Most new cars now have the cruise control option and gear selector on the steering column too. When you look at the … Read more

3 Common Symptoms of Low Power Steering Fluid

low power steering fluid

If you want dependable steering in your vehicle then hydraulic power steering is the way to go. However, the way it operates is very complex and if problems do occur with the hydraulic steering system, then you need to understand the symptoms to watch out for so you will recognize them. Otherwise, you may think … Read more

Common Causes of Car Pulling to the Right or Left When Braking

The brakes are often something we take for granted when driving our cars. But when there is a malfunction in the braking system, it will be easy to notice these symptoms because they will affect our driving performance. One of the most common braking problems that someone will experience is when their steering wheel starts … Read more

Electric vs Hydraulic Power Steering

Power steering is a system in cars that makes it easier for drivers to steer their wheels by assisting them with the torque. The traditional form of power steering is hydraulic power steering, which consists of hoses, drive belt, fluid, a pulley and a pump. Basically, it works by having the pump attached to the … Read more

Negative and Positive Camber Symptoms & Effects in Your Vehicle

Camber refers to the wheel’s vertical position with respect to the surface of the road that you are driving on. A negative camber takes place when the uppermost part of both front wheels start to incline on the inside towards the centerline of the frames or chassis. A positive camber takes place when the topmost … Read more

Negative and Positive Caster Symptoms & Effects

What is caster? Caster refers to the degree of the steering wheel showing exactly how close it is to the vertical axis, either forward or backwards when observed from either side of the vehicle. A shopping cart’s front wheels give the perfect example of caster. The carts have a huge degree of positive caster, which … Read more